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  1. I don't have that glitch, but when I want to avoid monsters I just use the Cloak of Invisibility...it's just as useful!
  2. have you gone to the ogre's cave in Mt Orion and have you found the beans? if you have go back to the garden in Lands End and plant the beans then climb the beanstalk and there should be a clock inside a block of ice, use that clock to slow Aesma down...
  3. So glad to hear it, I still have to finish it myself...
  4. Has Lars already joined the Necromancer Guilt? If he has that's the reason you can't find the Guilt in Sedona since he can join only one guilt, but anyways, it's down in the dock and in the house is an old man...
  5. I've bought all of them, but they move really slow and when they get in my way it's really annoying!!!
  6. Well, the Lightning Storm spell is good, but I had already bought it and was a little disappointed! But it was that and "Save the world from Ahriman" left and didn't want to finish with an unfinished quest...
  7. Thank I 've been searching for the one in Dirkon ages! I had found the one in Elini's house but forgot it! Million thank you!!!
  8. I have found 6 book pages. The one in the shop in Sedona, the one in the Oldwoods bookcase, the one in Thais bookcase, the one in Lamp's Castle, the one in the Dirt Pile at Eastern Empire, the one in Dreamworld, Where are the other pages?
  9. What does the cooking kit does? Because I got the climbing guide too.
  10. I had taken the Mule-Express from Lowlands the first time I went to Clearwater!
  11. I had taken the Mule-Express from Lowlands the first time I went to Clear water!
  12. I think Red Demon is better because does lot damage and and doesn't take much MP.
  13. Fatal hearts is a good game and Ahriman's Prophecy, which is Av1 prequel.
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