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  1. Yeap exactly,and still the others with the shield will hold out longer and so Gyendal could hit June few times
  2. Ah,but i see no point at it,and i don't really think that June only can win Gyendal,at least with the rest of the party you can be helped with potions
  3. Hmmmm...don't quite get you,you mean beat Gyendal with for example June in the place of Mel?
  4. Ah,didn't notice...btw do i have to buy Build B?
  5. I now know how to get it but the point is that i haven't completed the game yet,and i am bored for doing all over the start just for a key
  6. Αs far as i see guys,the ones that didn't find the key for the blue chests before Mel moves the royals to Underfall,won't find it in these saves...but unfortunately I am one of these guys...
  7. I haven't fount a picklock yet and i am wondering where is it.Can you help me?And also if i find it are the items worth that are in the chests? Merged topics. ~Mopiece
  8. Τhanks again,hahaha,like angel protector
  9. Hey guys,I open Aveyond and when I go to "continue quest" it says:"Script 'Windows_SaveFile'line 32:EOFError occurred. End of the file reached What should i do?
  10. Hmmm let me check what i think i did before...i think i got it
  11. lol man i have played this game over 10 times,but i always forget a little this part,my brain is in my head,don't worry,and as far as i see i need to learn all of the skills that academy can give me
  12. Hehehe,i think this is going to be over 20 times that i will complete this
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