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  1. Nope, don't have avg. Checked the thread, could not figure out what could have caused it. Every time I try going fullscreen, I get a message saying 'this isn't an optimal resolution for your screen'. I think the system is tampering with the game going full screen because it auto adjusts the screen resolution. Still have to find out how to fix it. I figured out where the problem is, it might be useful for other players who face the same problem. My intel HD graphic controller does not allow automatic resolution changes. When Aveyond 4 launches full screen, it apparently does that - changing my 1920 X 1080 to 12800 X 800. This change is again reverted by Intel automatically. Which is why I was unable to play it fullscreen. So what I did is change my laptop screen resolution to 1280 X 800 (with 'maintain aspect ratio' checkbox selected) and now I can play the game fullscreen without any problem. The only problem is that I have to keep changing the resolution every time to play the game. Merged posts. Please don't double post. Just use your edit button to add more information to you post. ~Mopiece
  2. I purchased the game on steam. When I launched it from Steam client, the game started and then got minimized on it's own. Every time I click on the game icon from task bar, it shows up full screen for 1 second and again gets minimized on it's own. Somehow I managed to turn off fullscreen mode and mouse control and now I am playing the game using only keyboard in a smaller window. I have tried launching the game without Steam client also, but the problem persists. Also, the game sometimes becomes choppy even in small screen. But that doesn't happen all the time. I could not find this issue reported anywhere, so looking for some solution here. I am using a windows 8.1 laptop with pretty decent specs. I want to enjoy the game in fullscreen.
  3. Yeah auto saves are possible in RMVX. I have used that is Arevan.
  4. Hmm those were some nice points. Thanks friends
  5. Hmm I can see some nice and different ideas here
  6. Edited @MoonPrincess- Thanks, your review was interesting. I am noting things down.
  7. Those were nice feedback. More are welcome @IvanaDeRossi: I took a good story requirement for granted
  8. Thanks a lot! I will definitely keep these in mind. Waiting for some more feedback friends.
  9. Hi Friends, It's been looooong that I posted something in the forum. I thought that a lots of RPG lovers can give me some feedback on some stuff, so I thought of asking a few questions here. After "A Sirius Game", I am thinking of working on Arevan's sequel. But before I do that, I just wanted to know from everyone as to what they look forward to in an RPG. Please let me know features you have loved in any RPG game you have played covering the following points- 1) Gameplay elements (for example runes, battle system, monsters, difficulty, puzzles or anything that made it stand out from the rest) 2) Special features 3) Graphics 4) Sound 5) Maps 6) Anything else you wish to add. 7) Out of these 6, which one do you consider crucially important? Pour your heart out and let me know what you expect from an RPG. I would love to know and implement certain of those features in Arevan 2.
  10. Just finished compiling the existing bits and pieces of the walkthrough for the game (ver 3.0)into a PDF for ease of reference.also contains maps,boss fight strategies,side quests,library book contents and captain jack's treasure list.you can download it from here- http://www.overcloud9.com/2010/03/24/everlong-walkthrough/
  11. All right,will be eagerly expecting for your permission to use the maps when they are released
  12. I plan to make the guide for TLO as soon as I finish Dark Souls.It will be freely available for everyone like my previous walkthroughs on Aveyond. But the ready maps would have been really helpful.Or I'll have to pause the walkthrough making until they are released.Any particular reason Shaz why the maps will get released two weeks after the game release?
  13. I began with a great xpectation when I started playing this game,and it did keep upto my xpectation as far the story is concerned.I enjoyed at the begining,but as soon as I came across the battle system,i stopped playing.I'm kinda traditional when it comes to battles as i prefer the old school turn based battle which allows us to choose skills and the time to think which one should we apply.I hate the on-field hack and slash kind of battle system. But yes,honestly the story was quite intriguing.
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