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  1. Thankies. I was gonna use pics of Ariel at first but then I found these pics and thought they looked maturer while still looking like Ariel. Btw, I really love your set. It's mix of colours is awesome and I really like the witch. It's the set I voted for in the contest.
  2. I finally made a new set. It is mermaid-ish. I thought I'd make it as simple as possible coz I want it to be quiet not so noisy so that the mermaid can enjoy the beauty of the sea. I don't make any sense? I never do http://i887.photobucket.com/albums/ac75/MirosMaro/MermaidAvvie.gif[/img] http://i887.photobucket.com/albums/ac75/MirosMaro/MermaidSiggie.gif[/img]
  3. When I first go to a new area, I try to fight one or two if its monsters. If I am up to their level, I kill all the monsters I find on my way. For two reasons, to level up and to collect any goodies I can find in the chests they are usually guarding. Then after that, I usually dodge and run coz it becomes boring. But generally, I usually tend to level up as much as I can before I enter a new area. Levelling up is my top priority.
  4. I prefer the keyboard. Generally not only in playing RPG's. I tried playing Aveyond a couple of times with the mouse but it annoyed me that at some places I had to wait for Mel to reach the end of the hall so that I can see the rest of the way and click there for an instance. I find it way easier to move with the keyboard.
  5. @ris_mum, I believe in that too. I believe that God created human. My idea of evolution is like this. The primitive human was, let's say, so tall to help him climb the trees to get the fruits he needs for nutrition. Then by the time, he discovered how to make a ladder, so he doesn't need to be tall anymore. That's when the new generations started to get shorter. Bad example, right? Here's another example that you already know of, I guess. A bacterium would mutate to become resistant to this certain antibiotic. Thus, only the mutant bacteria will survive. This is called natural selection. By the end, almost all the bacteria of this kind are resistant to this antibiotic. Evolution happened to this certain species of bacteria since it became resistant. However, this species is still the same, it still belongs to the same genus, same class and same kingdom. It still performs the same task it had to do before mutation and evolution. It still has the same niche. The only thing changed is that it became better at survival. I believe it's the same for human. I can mention more examples if you want (I studied a whole chapter about mutation and evolution in the Bio course last year and I'd love to torture you with the info I was tortured with I ate a lot of DS cookies which is why I'm being evil). Anyway, I believe that human has always been a human. He has passed by many evolution stages but has always been a human. Human has always belonged to the kingdom of animalia under the class of mammals. I have heard of this theory that human was a monkey and then developed till he finally became a human. I personally don't believe in it. @lovinlife, in this case I'd spare their lives XD
  6. @Shed and theone, I just used roaches as an example. I don't feel guilty when I kill them. Pretty much like how I won't feel guilty if I ever have the guts to kill a lion or a shark or whatever. I would feel guilty though if I killed a dog or a cat or any cute and human-friendly animal. This proves that there's no equality between animals themselves then how will there be equality between humans and the other animals? @ris_mum, I don't get your 2nd theory either.
  7. Wow! You two are amazing. I really liked the cover and the comic, you are so very super amazing awesome *tries to think of other words of the same sort* at drawing, daeva_agas.I really reaally reaaaaallllllyyy like them so much. And with Blurble's amazing, super, terrific, extraordinary, lovely, beautiful writing talents,.... I have nothing to say but WOW! Please update this as soon as you can
  8. *is trying to guess what's gonna happen next* I have thousands of guesses and it's very unlikely that any of them will be correct I can't wait till you update it.
  9. Lol, I liked it so much It sounds so funny.
  10. Heero

    School Uniforms

    @shadowshed, I like having a school uniform. I just hate its design and colour. I hate the colour navy. That would be mostly why I don't like my school uniform. Also, I hate that the logo is red. I think the colour beige would have matched better.
  11. @shadowshed, I kill roaches too. I get so scared and disgusted of them. This makes me believe that if I should ever say that humans are equal to animals, I'd be not true, since I kill them. Some of my friends who think otherwise would say that animals have feelings, even the roaches. And when they tell me of this 'if you were in their shoes' theory, I just think that it is unrealistic. Yeah, maybe roaches have feelings but they are not as powerful as human's. If they did, we would have seen a group of roaches rebelling against our rule every now and then like humans do. That's what I meant by my last sentence.
  12. Heero

    School Uniforms

    I like the idea of having a school uniform. I am against my school uniform, though. I just hate it. We have to wear it all the time, in P.E., in classes, all the time. We have to wear beige trousers and navy shirt with beige at the edges. There's also this red school logo sewed to the shirt. I really hate it.
  13. @KTC, I know it's selfish to think that way. But I can't help not to care about my own kind more than the other animals' species. @shadowdshed, exactly. It doesn't make any sense that roaches would rule the world. Same as with the people who would ask me how I'd feel if I switched places with that poor roach that might kill me out of disgust (assuming that I shrank and the roach turned into a giant and can squash me now). They would say it is cruel and unfair. But it is never gonna happen. It is unrealistic to compare human's capabilities and emotions to those of a roach.
  14. lol I know. I have always been bad at summarizing stuff. Anyway, I was saying that I don't really believe that animals worth as much as humans in the humans point of view. Pretty much like how other animals wouldn't think that the other animal species including humans worth as much as their own. In the other long post I mentioned why I think so.
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