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  1. Taleswright

    Tilesets/Sprite size

    128 x 192... for the entire spritesheet, you mean?
  2. Taleswright

    Tilesets/Sprite size

    Thanks Yannes, I'll go research binary and graphics, and see if I get anything. @Mickychi: I don't think it is the best size to use... it's the most common to use, but I think a number with more factors would look better and more symmetrical. Also, are you sure that rpgxp sprites are 128 x 192? Cuz that seems a bit on the large side...
  3. Taleswright

    Tilesets/Sprite size

    Hm... well I know that 32x32 is the common size for rpg makers. I also read somewhere that DS games have to have sprite sizes that are one of these factors/multiples. My question is why is this the most commonly used size.
  4. I was wondering... the standard size for tilesets and sprites seemed to be based off of a 32x32. And if it isn't 32x32, it's 16x16 or 32x64 or some other multiple of 16. Someone mentioned somewhere that you can get all these numbers by adding a power to 2. So basically I was wondering if that was a programming/mathematically sound reason to use these numbers. If not... I'm thinking that 36x36 is actually the more logical grid size to use, since 36 has 9 different factors, while 32 only has 6. It seems like when it comes to art, 36 has more potential to be symmetrical and fit evenly into the grids, right? But at the same time, I don't want to make everything fit into grids of 36 only to find out later than it's more efficiant or something to work with 32x32 grids. Okay, I think I've went on long enough. Does anyone know the answer to my question here? Thanks in advance! Edit: And darn it, I posted in the wrong forum. I must've moved my mouse a little bit in the wrong direction while clicking... Sorry about that! I meant to post this in game development questions. Sorry.
  5. Taleswright

    Why Te'jal is so "in"

    So there's something I've been wondering for awhile, and it's about the Aveyond Vamps. I wasn't sure where to post it, so I decided to post it here. Anyway, the question is: where do vampires come from? Obviously a bite will transform a mortal into a vampire (as seen with Galahad) but is that the only method? If so, does that mean someone bit Tei'jal? Also, how would Tei'jal have a brother, then? Were they simply bitten by the same person or were they related before? If this is the case, then I would love a Aveyond game about Tei'jal's origins. And if vampires can be born... then I wanna see baby Galahads and Tei'jals! More importantly, I want Galahad to meet his in-laws. Doesn't that sound hilariously entertaining? Any thoughts on the matter? Or perhaps the Word of God would like to make a comment on the matter.
  6. Taleswright

    Disappearing Yemite? (Spoilers)

    Yeah, what Argoyle said. I turned her inactive for the fight. I guess I was just used to automatically having all four characters active at that point, so when I didn't see her in the next fight I got into, I thought she had disappeared. So don't worry, it's not a bug. I also agree with Argoyle that if there is a Build C, it might be less confusing to automatically make Yemite active. Although it really isn't that much of a problem. Once again, I'm sorry for hastily making the topic.
  7. Is Yemite supposed to disappear along with Uma and Nox when Galahad shows up? EDIT: Nevermind, it seems she was put on inactive. Sorry for making an unecessary post.
  8. Taleswright

    Story Inconsistency

    Yeah, I'm not trying to attack Amaranth Games, or anything. Especially since the games were chopped up into smaller pieces and written separately, that tends to cause little inconsistencies. Fortunately it's easily changeable in this downloadable medium. (Well, maybe not that easy, but easier when compared to others.)
  9. Taleswright

    Story Inconsistency

    Isn't another inconsistency that at the end of the third game it sounded like they were going directly to the arishta isles, and then in the fourth game it takes her a year to agree to go? Hm. Hopefully they go over it all a final time to make it all flow.
  10. Taleswright

    Eeeee! Books!

    Well, I love paper books. My mom is the same, she said she could never stand a kindle. Then my dad got one (for himself) and he hasn't been able to use it, since my mom is always hogging it. (In fact, it was so easy for her to just buy books, that he actually had to ban her from buying anything with it. She was spending way too much money.)So I guess it can be addictive and fun. I dunno. My dream is to have a library in my own home. I've already got four bookshelves mostly filled. (Actually, I'm getting to the point where I almost need a fifth one.) So yeah, I personally love paper books. Plus I heard that if you read the terms for buying books on the kindle, you technically aren't "buying" them but "renting" them. I think amazon reserved the right to call back any book they release at any time. Supposedly this happened when they accidentally released a book that they didn't have permission to release. So after all these people paid for it, they took it back and refused to refund it, saying that they had only paid to "rent" it. Or something like that. I haven't actually looked into it since then, but it does make me wary about it. Actually, that's not the only digital media with that risk. If you look at the downloadable stuff that (mostly) major game publishers are releasing, half the time it's technically just "renting" as well. (Like the starcraft cheating ban? You buy the game, cheat in SINGLE player, and get permanently banned from ever playing it again? How's that fair?) I like digital media, but I think it needs some more time to develop into a fair business. If that makes sense. And that post was way too long! Sorry people.
  11. Taleswright

    DarkGaia - One Night

    Yet another goregous looking game.
  12. Taleswright

    tormoozheng - Sword and Blood

    Wow. What'd you use to program it?
  13. Taleswright

    DarkGaia - Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords

    Darn it. What's with all the good looking and free rpg games coming out when I have no time to play them? T^T But yeah. I'll definetely play this game when my life decides I deserve some free time. Also, out of curiousity, are the main character sprites original? They look way better than most VX sprites I've seen for some reason...
  14. Taleswright

    Viva La Tour Des Secrets (Newsletter)

    Here's one my mom told me. A German company, that decided to try selling chocolate in the US. They spent millions of dollars working out the recipes, building factories, and other businessy stuff. They decided to call the chocolate by the German name. They looked up the name in an English dictionary, didn't find it, and figured it would be alright. It just so happens that word was an informal one that couldn't be found in the dictionary at the time. The German word for chocolate? Zit. They went bankrupt.
  15. Taleswright

    Tired of Tei'jal Sprite

    @Argoyle: *slaps head* right... that place... I think I remember there being an art gallery of sorts... Thank you for correcting me. @Beginners: Thanks for commenting, glad you like it!