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  1. Talia may be not perfect for the job of Oracle but she was a pretty cute and great character from Ahriman's Prophecy, I still wish she would exchange her powers (perhaps even her memories)for becoming young again so we could have her as a main character again, or atleast a companion. That would actually be a plot device that fits very well into the series, and Ahriman is also no matter what we do around again and again, would be fun to kick his (its?) butt with Talia once again centuries later Not to mention finding/becoming a new Oracle, or stopping someone sinister from becoming it would be a great story for a few games on its own.
  2. I just wanted to ask about this too, seems weird she totally forgot all skills however, even if level loss is somewhat understandable Oh well, onward with it, I do hope its not really-really the last game in this world to happen as I hear it is. I still think the setting and characters have much more to offer.
  3. it doesn't mention how to locate the end save of lost orb
  4. i need to reinstall windows and thus have to back up date, where are the game saves + the end game save for Lost Orb located?
  5. in my main game i have +4 point, that is not bad, nor too great
  6. Elemental, I believe -6 is the "max" you can get and not -3
  7. Well, then it was more of answering the question for himself than to do it for Mel (but I bet he wouldn't even have thought about doing this stuff if it wasn't for him knowing Mel and having feelings for her, and trying to understand her better) also, not everyone wants to rule a kingdom, he had to realize he cares for the people that much that he doesn't want to leave them ruled by Lydia and that even he would make a better ruler
  8. as I said, it was for Mel ( and to answer the question "why does Mel like that thief, what is so special about thiefs?" ) shaz - removed inappropriate language
  9. um, i meant for a lot of situations what could use persuation in RPG-s, getting more payment for a quest, getting someone actually share their story/problem with you if they normally wouldn't tell, convince a guard to look the other way just a bit, ect everything persuation or diplomacy skills can do in pnp games aswell
  10. actually, a persuation skill would be nice, to diplomaticly solve situations, or trick people into believing lies
  11. i would say but i think threads/posts telling the locations at this time get deleted
  12. well, i hope her stealing ability will be level depending like the spells of june, I want to see better percentage chances for grabbing stuff, could even get involved with side quests depending on the level of pickpocket skill
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