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  1. I'm glad you said the games will still be sold because I was wondering that, as there are still some AV games and a few others I want to buy. So thank you .
  2. As one of the mods posted earlier, Amanda will let us know.
  3. I have loaded it, ty for everyone's help I only use walkthrough if I get stuck
  4. I redid the ending and it saved in GoN as Continue from Book 1
  5. I'm guessing the only thing to do is start a new game
  6. I said it was my saved game from LoT
  7. not for me nevermind I just reloaded it and it does show that... I dunno what's wrong with it
  8. umm I'm lvl 12 not lvl 1 http://img181.imageshack.us/img181/6562/lvl.jpg
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