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  1. It's time for a small update ;-) A list for The Lost Orb will be done in a few days -- removed 2 chests from Mount Drake -- added 2 chests for Mount Drake Caves -- added 3 chests for Mire Woods -- added 1 gold bag for Sinoa Plains -- added 1 dirt pile for Sinoa Plains -- added 1 gold bag for Gheledon (gold bag in the Inn) -- added more checkboxes for Ch√Ęteau Lenore quests -- added 2 quests without journal entry (Find Hanna, Beat Marcello) -- resized all table cells
  2. yes, it's possible that there are some quests missing. write down which quests are missing and where I can find them and I will upgrade the list
  3. yes, sorry for this, but I had no other idea for naming blue chests.
  4. Yes, the removed chests are from the Mire Woods. Will be fixed on the weekend. Thanks!
  5. Yes, it is part of the mainquest and that means, it has not to be on the list.
  6. I mean that AV3 has a lot of miniquests for the mainquest. checklist updated -- added sidequest "Find Glenda's fairy wand" -- added missing city names for sidequests
  7. I mean that AV3 has a lot of miniquests for the mainquest.
  8. my fault, I should mention that this document is for LoT AND GoN. A second list for GoN only will be released in a few days (maybe weeks ;-), depends on my worktime... ). Stormbend is not a sidequest, it is part of the mainquest, thats why I removed it from the list. I'm undetermined if I should add all quests to the list because in AV3 the mainquest depends on many "sidequest" and has no direct course through the game.
  9. oh, thats bad. I missed the fairy quest ;-) the wand belongs to the "Find Glenda's fairy wand" quest in Faiara. I'll add it tonight
  10. The latest checklist is for LoT AND GoN combined! A second one, only for GoN will be released in a few days / weeks, depends on my leisure time http://cover-of-darkness.de/files/AV30_Checklist.pdf dear mods, feel free to link this in the guides, but please link to this topic NOT to the pdf-file. Thanks! changes: -- removed 3 chests for Naylith Summit -- removed Stormbends Pirate sidequest -- added 14 new regions -- added 18 gold bags for new regions -- added 69 chests for new regions -- added 4 dirt piles for new regions -- added Tar Vedron and Dragkthor Mirror Express -- added 4 eggs -- added 6 gems -- added 5 gowns -- added 3 Intelligence Agencies -- added 3 donations -- added 4 ancient items -- added 4 books for Lydia -- added Treasure Key and Magic Treasure Key -- added 17 sidequests
  11. I know this list, it contains not the exact journal entrys. :/
  12. right ;-) I'm working on a checklist. A full questlist would be very helpful, shaz ;-)
  13. Can someone give me the exact journal entry for Glenda's Quest? You all know for what I need it ;-)
  14. the 3rd version of the av2 checklist is done. there are several updates, and I hope you will enjoy the list please put the link in the guides to this topic and not direct to the pdf files. thx update notes: -- added sidequest "Turn Herbert back into a man" -- added 2 chests for 2 existing regions -- added 25 chests in 11 new regions -- added Attraction Points for Gavin and Ava -- added Attraction Points for Nicolas -- added Attraction Points for Emma and Rye (Won + Lost) -- added 15 spells for Gavin and Nicolas -- added 5 Farm items to buy -- added Toolkit, Magic Picklock, Silver Key -- added city names to the sidequests -- reordered Magic Mirror Express -- reordered Donations -- reordered Quests -- reordered Transfigurines -- removed the Dynamite from Rye -- redesigned the table -- page margins set to 5mm top/bottom and 9mm left/right Edith says: I hope no one have problems with printing the list, because the margins are very close. I thought about setting the font size to 8, but that seems a little to small for me. any suggestions?
  15. This chest is registered as C6 in the list.
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