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  1. Played the updated Demo. It was good to actually see Fir on-screen (personally I find her far cuter and more interesting looking than Lenarche.) I still find Albel's arms incredibly distracting. (They're not just twiggy, but they look almost deformed... I don't care whether he's 'manly' or not, just that he's in proportion.) Thanos made a rather matter-of-fact entrance - and he's well drawn. But in the context of the demo at least, Lenarche and Thanos' meeting seemed a bit sudden - even rushed - which takes away any of the potential mystery or at least some sense that Lenarche might actually have to figure out or discover who he really is and match him up to the legends etc. It felt a bit flat that he just finds her and introduces himself on the first meeting. That part of the story seems to be unfolding a little too quickly (imho). Lenarche is already aware of exactly who he is, and that he's tried to take over the world twice - and yet she falls in quite comfortably with his schemes without any real resistance or serious misgivings, which seems - kind of implausible. I think it would be more interesting if Lenarche had a choice as to whether or not to respond to the mysterious e-mails Just glancing over at Lemmasoft Forums it seems as if fans are already arguing over who is the 'canon' pair, so let the shipping wars being I guess... *sighs* Personally, when I've played these games I've never been that fussed about which pair is canon and which isn't it. But I will say this: Going on the basis of the demo, even though Thanos is Oswald's alter-ego (and consequently has a sizeable fan-base), he (understandably) doesn't behave like Oswald very much. If anything, he reminds me a little of Caius in "Frozen Essence" (ruthless, a little petulant and willful), whereas Zephyr is the one who really reminds me of Oswald a great deal - especially in his arrogance and his sense of humour... Again, I know it's a demo and it's only early days yet but whether or not it's intentional it seems as if all of the chemistry is between Lenarche and Zephyr so far (the sparks fly)...which probably won't make the Thanos supporters all that happy. Me? I don't mind either way, but I couldn't help but notice it.
  2. You're already off to an excellent start and if you can maintain the quality of the artwork, writing, storytelling (and proofreading!) throughout the entirety of the game, this might bet the best of the Fantasia series yet. This looks very, very good indeed.
  3. ...And I bit the bullet and finally finished the game. Can't wait for part II.
  4. Aha! So you can't start the lockpick quest until Ch. 4 (which is only initiated once you get the coalbrim and the coal and then head back to Lief's/Thief's Haven.) If you're strong enough to get comfortably past the Harpies you will enter a cave full of bridges and switches. Explore around and you'll find the rope in this cave. Yet another questions: 1.) Has anyone gone past the harpies and past the rope bridge cave to another cave with a gate (with no keyhole), a switch, several chests and two secret passages? One of the passages opens easily with a few swipes of the sword. The other requires the pick-axe - which I actually have but it won't work... 2.) How do I get spoilers to work?
  5. Hello Juno - I haven't dropped in on this thread for ages...but it's very kind of you to drop in and offer advice which I will now go and try out. (Also, thanks for the tip about the Dewbream chest Re: The locket. As far as I know it's available when you first arrive in Thief's Haven. I'm not sure about after that.
  6. I'm another person really STRUGGLING to initiate the lock-pick quest (and I've gone as far as getting the coalbrim no less - and still no damn lockpick!) I read earlier up-thread that it was related to the main quest and therefore 'unmissable' but I somehow have all but managed to complete the game without it... After I went through the cursed castle/ruins I went back to Leif's Haven (as someone advised) but it hasn't triggered anything. If someone could just outline how you start this quest in a spoiler (I'm beyond hints by now!) it would be much appreciated. Other than my own blundering... this has been a VERY professional game indeed and one of the best I've seen on RPGmaker. Kudos the the creator. The music is fitting without being overpowering, the graphics are simply fantastic - backgrounds, sprite, overworld, portraits - the visuals are spot on. The puzzles and sidequests have been relevant, sufficiently challenging and *intelligent* And it's wonderful to read convincing, character-based dialogue that is properly edited. An extremely polished game all-round that I genuinely enjoyed playing.
  7. Sorry - I was wondering if anyone knew if the wooden chest by the fence in Dewbream farm (after you kill the Aspids) is accessible or not in Book 1? I keep trying to get to it but can't find a way to reach it.
  8. Yeah, I know. Everyone's doing the best that they can and the walkthrough advice is very patient and detailed( - and I *am* enjoying the game). It can just get frustrating when you're at the the stage where you can't get it to download. But I see your point.
  9. For JerrySD (if you haven't already sorted it) I'm answering your (and my) question essentially. I had unzipped my files into a folder that *I* had created, named, and placed on my desktop. I then shifted that file into the main "Blacksmith's Apprentice" folder (which contains the exe.) I'm sure that my *naming* the folder unecessarily caused the problem. (That and that I have a number of programs with which to unzip files, some of which have expired.) So I deleted that audio file from the "Blacksmith's Apprentice" folder and re-unzipped "BA - Audio" zip using winrar. A file appeared on my desktop simply entitled "Audio". Once I shifted *that* file into "Blacksmith's Apprentice" folder, the game worked.
  10. I am having the EXACT same problem with this game, with that exact file. I shifted the BA Audio file as instructed (and sorted out the font) but to no avail. I ran the Evenstar track through wimamp - and it played, so I'm not sure why that specific audio file is preventing the game from playing. It's disheartening to note that the poster who originally bought this issue up has been thoroughly ignored... I can't help but wish that these games had 2 threads apiece - one dealing specifically with glitches and the other for walkthrough information. I understand that those who are actually able to play the game and are in the middle of playing it, probably aren't too interested in the dilemma of those of us who can't even get it started. Still...any ideas from anyone?
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