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  1. I have loved the Aveyond games-all of them-until now. I read a post earlier that this is a John Wizard game and I agree. It seems so unlike the other Aveyond games I have played. There are too many quests and very few of them seem to follow in any particular order to contribute to the story line. I have been looking for 3 days now to find the demon caves. I have the sulphur and I found the cave once and was soundly beaten. I always save before a fight in case I am soundly trounced and in this instance I was. I started the game again from my save point and I cannot find the cave again. I am sorely disappointed. Also, as noted by another player "The one thing that really ruined the game's enjoyment for me was getting from place to place. It was simply too complicated and burdensome.... I'm having trouble forcing myself to finish the game and am fairly positive I won't be replaying it." I agree 100%
  2. While I have enjoyed all of the Aveyond series, this particular one is being nothing but trouble. I am just plain stuck here in the dungeon and no matter what I do, I cannot progress. I can't grab the boots, can't get beyond the thief and the wizard and the swords just hang there. Oh well....
  3. I met my husband in a truck stop-I was homeless and without any where to go, I was bumming around the country via hitchhiking with truck drivers. Then I decided I wanted to drive a truck for a living. I soon found out how hard it is to get out of the loop of being homeless. You can't get a job because you don't have a permanent address. You can't get an address because you don't have a job. You can't get training because you don't have an address and on and on. At least that is how it was 32 years ago. I got lucky this time. He took me in and helped me to stand tall while I learned my trade. He knew how skittish I was on marriage (I'd been married 3 times before) and didn't push me. As I grew and matured I realized that there will never be the perfect someone to come in and provide me with a life. That it was up to me to do that for me. But there was man who was willing to share it with me. They said that our marriage wouldn't 6 weeks. Well in 11 days we will celebrate our 32 years of being together. Yet through all the ups & downs he has stood by me and forgave me when I've hurt him or royally screwed up. As I've done for him. There is more to love than the warm fuzzies. I wonder if more people would realize it how the divorce rate might go down. So don't give up on finding love. It is out there. And you're right about asexual people. You don't have to get all hot & bothered in order to love someone. After all sex starts in the brain, does it not?
  4. As I get older, I find that I want to have my youth back so that I could not do the dumb things I did in the day. I also find myself trying to take better care of myself so that I might have another 30 years ahead of me. I am still shy and probably always will be. But I find it easier to hold out my hand to help. My eyes are older and I find that I can't read like I used to. If I read a book I find that my vision is screwed up for 24 hours. I'm due for new glasses in March-maybe that'll help. Most of all I find that I am grateful for what I do have and I may 'pine' for some things, but I don't make it a mission to have to have them.
  5. You are what you think you are. Labels only work if you accept the commonly believed definition of it. As homo sapiens we are hard wired to classify ourselves. As thinking beings we are also apt to try and create new titles for ourselves so as to set ourselves up to be different from the rest. Kind of an oxymoron. We want to belong, yet at the same time we want to be better than the rest. Go figure.
  6. All you can do is the best you can do and it has to be good enough. Don't really know where I picked it up, but it sounds good to me. Let the water lie where Jesus flung it-Lazarus Long Are we as we are made or as we make ourselves thereafter? Moira-Warrior Queen of Geall. Thanks to Nora Roberts & Robert Heinlein.
  7. I am totally addicted to RPG. I have had problems in the past with addictions-mostly mental. While I still have some problems with OCD, I have found that 'killing monsters' satisfies some need in my brain so that I am not doing other, more detrimental stuff. So, while I am not addicted to the internet, I am definitely addicted to games. OK, that being said, I will sit here patiently (NOT) and wait for the 21st.
  8. No problem. I didn't mean to come off like a old curmudgeon. But some things DO hit me the wrong way. And I believe in karma. What goes around comes around. So, getting off of the subject and unto another- Merry Christmas to all and a wonderful New Year!!
  9. By the way, my brother died earlier this year. I have learned not to look for revenge. I have too many other things to do to hate someone. I have found that hate doesn't hurt the one being hated-but it DOES do terrible things to the one left hating.
  10. For crying out loud! I was taught that I was to keep my mouth shut. When I did tell my Mom what had happened I'll tell you what happened. She took a pair of scissors to my hair and proceeded to cut it all off. Her reasoning? I was no longer a virgin and therefore I was a whore. Whores are not entitled to having long hair. That is reserved for maidens of pure virtue. I was 16 when I told her. Don't tell me that I had the responsibility to protect my sisters when I could not protect myself. Please have all the facts before you condemn someone. By the way, I am now 56 years old and I can still remember what my brother told me back then. "Now if tell Mom, I'll tell her you lied. And then you'll get the belt." So I started to wet the bed at night and I still got beat with the belt. Heck of a lesson for a 5 year old, don't you think? By the way, my brother died earlier this year. I have learned not to look for revenge. I have too many other things to do to hate someone. I have found that hate doesn't hurt the one being hated-but it DOES do terrible things to the one left hating. Merged posts. ~Mopiece
  11. I don't understand all this concern about homosexuality. I am a straight woman-been married to the same man for 30 years. But even I know that there has always been and always be a small percentage of people who are homosexual. It has always been this way. Before the advent of any organized religion, this was not a big issue. I have known gay people, both male & female. I know that none of them were attracted to me. But over the years I have enjoyed their company-as friends are apt to do. And how can one say that homosexuality opposes the law of nature? As far as I know, you are born with your orientation. I don't how much more natural you can get.
  12. I was 5 when my older brother decided he liked little girls. I was his first. He was 14. He didn't stop with me. He also molested my younger sisters and later on he molested his daughter. I wonder if he had been caught and punished if he would of gone as far as he did. So, yes, the juvenile in question should be punished. If a boy at that age doesn't know right from wrong at that point, he probably never will.
  13. I don't know if this will help, but in the Gates of Night, the game would freeze up and I couldn't move. I deleted the game and then re-downloaded it and it worked fine. Also, I didn't lose any progress.
  14. OK, for what it's worth, I took them out and then re-installed them. They work find now. So I'm back to yelling at the machine "I AM NOT A WIMP!!!" I need to get a life, don't I, LOL
  15. I have been playing Aveyond, Aveyond 2, Gates Of Night and Lord of Twilight-a lot. Now, for some reason, I can not move my character to the left. And that's in all of these games. I checked some of my other games-where I use the directional keys to move the character and don't have any problem with those. Is this a new glitch? And is there a cure for it?
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