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    irekismaren1011 - The Blacksmith's Apprentice

    Hello all, I'm "Juno", the creator of the Blacksmith's Apprentice. Thanks for all the kind words about the game! It's been a real encouragement to continue working on it, since (as those who use RPG Maker XP certainly know) development takes time and doesn't always feel very rewarding. So thank to all who've taken the time to play this *long* game and post their feedback. I'm currently taking a break on development, hoping to recharge my creative batteries a little. Book 2 is probably a third of the way finished, if I had to guess. As for the issue triggering the lock-pick quest: is it Autumn yet? That quest SHOULD happen once you have the coal (not just the coalbrim), and return to Thief's Haven. Also, make sure you have the latest version. It's here: http://www.mediafire.com/?zmvtn04g0yw Let me know if this doesn't add up, and glad you're enjoying it! EDIT: Also, about the question of the chest on the Dewbream farm, HIGHLIGHT to see the spoiler: When it becomes winter, some of the smaller ponds and rivers will freeze over, allowing you to walk over them. Certain areas will only be available during the winter.
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    Stuck in game due to glitch

    After speaking with Iya in the Snow Castle for the first time, I saw the conversation between the Snow Queen and her Master at Arms, where they were plotting in the hallway. She was SUPPOSED to drop a mirror but she never did. Since I don't have the mirror, I can't convince Iya to leave, so I can't go through the secret tunnel to get the dynamite. This happened on v1 of Aveyond 2, and I'd rather not have to play the first 4 hours over again. Any ideas?
  3. irekismaren1011

    I'm stuck!!

    I am stuck at a different point in the game, however I can't figure out how to post a new topic, so I'll put my question here: After speaking with Iya in the Snow Queen's castle for the first time, when the Snow Queen and her Master at Arms are caught plotting, the Snow Queen is SUPPOSED to drop a mirror. However, she didn't. So I'm stuck. Any ideas?