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  1. Hi, I have just finished the game today, thoroughly enjoyed it as usual. There were a few things that I missed, so for next time around - in the guide there is mention of an accessory for Myst - a Bear Chain that makes Myst transform into a bear instead of a fox. Any idea on how to get this - it mentions a doll trading ?? The only thing I can find is a child by the pond in bottom right of Halaina who has been given a doll that they don't like. I managed to swap a ghost for a witch - or was it the other way around - but not happy with that either?? Is that anything to do with getting the bear chan? Also missed the chance to make the potoin for Ingrid to marry her choice of partner. Don't think that I missed anything important though - great game as it was different from the previous Aveyond adventures. Any ideas on how to complete the doll trading thing please?? Thanks
  2. What happened to the web site!!! I must have missed the warning that everything was about to change First tried to use the link in my favourites, which failed to work, so had to run a search in Google. Search of course was for amaranth games, which brought up a site with no mention of Aveyond Tried other search results and found this site - where nothing was as expected. Just logged in to get forum help with game, and have taken ages to find what I need. What's going on!!! It feels like it has been hijacked by Microsoft who always insist on making everything as unfamiliar as possible. It is only because I like the games so much that I persist in trying to find my way around. Any chance of some sot of guide to the site?? Pretty please, for those of us oldies who liked things the way they were.
  3. I am trying to get through Demons Lair. At the first part with path up the middle. Can't get past the point where 3 Wyverns attack at once. Nothing is working. There is mention of a Gargoyle Whip for Elini, and Crusher for Te'ijal, which might help. Anyone know where I can get them from??
  4. I am playing in normal mode. This is my second time playing the game. First time I don't think I got further than the second round. I was rather hoping to get to the end of the tournament this time. Perhaps I should cheat and go to the level goodie cave. What level does one need to be to beat Trevor?
  5. My Emma is currently level 62, has the Masamune sword, Zeus Armour, Archimedes hat, Madness shield, and Green Band equipped. I have tried using Blizzard Scroll, and Elixirs. However Trevor comes up with a double slam that just wipes her out in one go. Sword only deals less than 250 damage, so no use at all against 450+ from Trevor on a 'normal' blow. How on earth do I get to beat him???? Curses have no effect at all!!! Ahhhhhhh - Help. Any ideas please
  6. Where did you find the font patch please, am having the same difficulty? Ohhh it's ok I found it now. Works a treat!!
  7. I do not have the pdf in my AP folder on the PC. Downloaded the game from this site, but no players guide came with it. Can you tell me wherre to get it please?
  8. Brilliant!! Thanks a lot - got them.
  9. I have just got to the Temple for the Druid of Time, having crossed the Rainbow bridge. When I try to enter the temple there is a Fairy on the steps blocking the way. There is no mention of this in any of your guides or walkthrough. She will not move because she has lost her family. How do I get her to move? I do not recall fairies anywhere else in the game? The only clue we get from the fairy prince is somewhere beyond the isles!! No idea which direction to go??? :S I have Build C installed.
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