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  1. @Meroko I cant really say I don't like concerts since I have never been to one. But I guess It would depend on who is singing ( If only Adele did concerts )
  2. 1. Over 2. Wad 3. After 4. Yes 5. Hand. I once had a problem when the shower didn't have hot water and I practically froze 6. Hand or sponge (depends if I can find the sponge)
  3. I'm guessing meroko is from Korea maybe?
  4. I live in a boring boring place called the UK by the sea... there's never much to do in the UK (no matter what the adverts say about Scotland or Ireland and no I don't like concerts) Edit: I'm guessing meroko is from Korea maybe?
  5. Swordsinger and mage trees are my favourite because in AV1 I liked the idea of combining magic with sword fighting and mage trees are good because you get to choose what type of magic you want!
  6. @binas I'm hoping the project isn't dead. She might be working on it.
  7. I didn't know where to post this but there seems to be a problem with the sprites in Build C but not just sprites in general. The problem 1 is the character always starts with one foot forward and starts like that instead of just having two feet together and problem 2 is the items in the menu that were not previously usable are now possible to use (battle items, mirror, birdcage etc.)
  8. Oh.. Im a Leo now. Oh well i dont go by that zodiac Im a earth tiger in Eastern zodiac.
  9. Music adds colour to a video game an extra component that moulds it all together. If there was no music in video games it would be like cake without sugar.
  10. I could'nt notice the amount of side quests there were the only one I remember completing was the Thread Quest. My question is what side quests have I missed?
  11. 1. Exit Sheian Lyr via the slime farm 2. Take the steps on your right until you reach a cave 3. Travel northeast and use the key on the door 4. Take the bridge to your right and go up the steps 5. Now follow the bridges until you end up in a cave 6. Take the two bridges and go past the first cave 7. Head east and ignore the bridges that lead to steps and head east until you reach another cave 8. Go through and take the steps north to the next cave entrance 9. Go through and head north until you reach the scales put the sand on the scales and cave opens up go through 10. From here head south east ignoring the cave to the north and there is the mask. Do the reverse of this route to get back to Shiean Lyr
  12. Got Stella to use Judgement, Edward to attack Mordred since his Shard has beserk satus and Te'ijal to use Trintricas and attack magic immunites.
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