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  1. Yeah i sussed it out with the walkthrough thanks
  2. The gate to Wichwood is locked theres a hole at the side and a note.Cant remember now how to open the gate.Can someone remind me please
  3. Well if i redownload the game would i loose game progress as ive just finished it.
  4. Yeah ive almost finished it.am tieing up a few loose ends with the side quests before the final battle.Good game play but alas its too short which is unusual for the Aveyond series.Watching for the next version.Keep up the good work Amanda and co.
  5. Have noticed the crab cant be battled from the front.i was able to teleport to the acropolis and then go back in to the place where the crab is and battle him from behind.this must be a bug cos a lady in acropolis acused me of killing her crab but i hadnt killed the crab at that time.
  6. I cant get in to Halloween Hills.the gate remains locked and there is a hole at the side but what do i put in the hole.Have been everywhere in the game now and dont know where else to go.
  7. I had the same problem with the boat getting stuck in the right hand side.i turned the speed off and saved game then went and got in the boat without placing the pomeganate on the alter and the boat took me to the correct place and im able to go up the mountain.
  8. Yeah i had the same problem with it being an empty file.also the God goodie hasnt worked but the Cash cow and Runes portal have worked fine.
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