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  1. Christmas Carol. Almost time for a Christmas movie love watching Christmas movies at Christmas! lol. Epecially with ones with snow in it (doesn't snow where I live at Christmas)
  2. ljspence - your set is wonderful it does so have a winter feel to it and it could even be a Christmas set due to it snowing at that time in some countries unfortuntly snow doesn't happen where I live. Very pretty! I do love it I think its AUESOME lol.
  3. thha_luth - never seen anyone with a Kingdom Hearts siggie nice! I love the game allets5 - I love that hallowen set you've made
  4. This may be an obvious question but when does Dameon learn sun fury? At what level? I haven't played this for a while but I'm in the middle of it and I'm considereing whether to level up Dameon and Tajil but it sounds like Dameon may be better for the last boss. So I was wondering when he learns this skill? Thanks a bunch!
  5. Be aware you have to talk to him before you go to the house with all the cultists otherwise he won't want to talk to you and you won't be able to fight him to get the glass eye back.
  6. What about Aveyond on cushions that would be cool. Like some of the characters with the word Aveyond on them or something.
  7. agas - Ah I see your point no worries. Hope you get everything sorted
  8. Jayshe - Thanks LOTR is one of my favourite movies. Weeee - welcome have fun and explore! agas - yes I remember, you're very creative.
  9. agas - have you done any other cross stitching in the past? I usually just use the floss that I have left from my other complete designs that way you don't spend too much money on it If I need extra floss for some reason
  10. Sorry I don't really understand what you mean? Can you please clarify.
  11. hehe thanks Delphinus I'm very pleased with my sets I've got now. agas - I like some of those movies too and I do quite a bit of cross stitch I do enjoy that ...
  12. daeva_agas - I would love to see the cross stitch design/finish product once your finished sounds like an excellant idea I'm interested ...
  13. Heero I love the colours you have used and how you have used glitter on chosen objects. The pumpkin full of lollies is a nice touch too
  14. lol I like your siggie Elemental nice animation!
  15. Thanks allets5 was worried it was too light but I think it works well with my siggie. nataliedb2k8 I love the kitty
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