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  1. Where do you look to see how many attraction points you have?
  2. Hi Finally have the hammer and can't remember where crab island is. I can see an island with a giant crab but it doesn't have a dock. Thanks in advance Found it.
  3. Thank you I was in Windshire and had 35 cheekis and was able to upgrade to 70 I now know what happened and what i didn't understand: I upgraded other spells instead of upgrading the darkness. Didn't realize that the darkness meant the total magic available to Boyle. I had thought that if I could buy a 70 point spell, I must have 70 points available.
  4. Thank you. Didn't work so there must have been something else. I have bought everything you can buy for Boyle except the last darkness spell. I only have 5 cheekis to spend so I still need 35. I didn't think I had missed anywhere near that many.
  5. Thanks. I didn't understand that that is what I should do. Any chance that you know which chester gave me the devastation spell?
  6. I have collected 98 cheekis and turned them all in to Chester, but Boyle is still stuck at 60 magic. There have been a few that I didn't get, but I think I found most of them. I have the devastation spell but can't use it. Any help would be great.
  7. Thankyou Elizabennet. I think I had spoken to everyone else.
  8. I can't find anyone in Tor that wants the Centipede legs and I can't find anything in the forum where anyone asks. Apologies if this is so horridly obvious but would appreciate help. Thank you in advance.
  9. Have gone around the whole palace I think and Myst is still not able to locate the register of potential recruits. Thank you in advance for any help. Found something in the forum that mentions the library but the game won't let me leave the castle (I think there is a library outside in the city) and I think I have gone into all the rooms and can't find a library in the building I am in.
  10. Thank you very much. Found them now. Feel soooo silly looked everywhere but there. I couldn't remember who had given me the quest. Thank you for the help.
  11. I need to find the crusade grounds and am hopelessly lost. I know that I found them many times before when I didn't need them, but now no luck. Also - a question about the mists. Is it possible to fast travel to everywhere using the mists? When I couldn't find the paladins I went back to Wyrmwood to see Sid. It turns out I didn't have all the answers and need to get back to Gingernut Forest (I think) but couldn't manage it in big steps. And - having found all the people in the city Halcinea (or something like that) is there someone I should go back to to get points from the quest? Help would be great. Thanks in advance
  12. Boyle's door is locked and I am told to ask around the town. Can't find anyone who will respond. Please help. Thank you. Found it
  13. Thanks the update fixed it. For the record, in the crash Boyle went in and out and in and out etc of the house saying the same thing. The game locked. Now fine.
  14. Wolfbane was in the park and went into the house next to the 2 caravans and kept going in and out saying no tickets here. I had to use the task manager to turn the game off.
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