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  1. I'm having trouble buying the kitten for Jenna's birthday. When I click on it, Stella only gushes over its cuteness and Edward says "Uh-oh..."
  2. I've shown Katie's medallion to the king and queen in Sedona (They have gone to Veldarah to retrieve her), delivered Gregor's manuscript, and returned to the palace in Veldarah. No Katie. Am I missing something?
  3. Do I want any of the items in the Underfall shop? I'm guessing that the rotten-smelling Level Egg would kick my party down a level. I learned in the FAQ that the recipe for Moth Powder might be useful. What about the Human Repellent, and the book of "The Greatest Love Poems of Underfall" that Spook seems interested in?
  4. I'm so OCD about completing every quest that I started a new game; now I have both the real Golden Frog and the real Hercules Bust (Edward has to grab both at the same time before leaving Fahd's house). So I'm happy now. Yay me!
  5. I can't recall where I heard this rumor, but it doesn't refer to any one quest in particular. Rather it means that it is not possible to complete ALL of the available quests during a single game.
  6. Well dang; I so want to complete this quest that I've started a new game. (Is it true that every player will have at least one incomplete quest no matter what?)
  7. Got it; thanks Aisling! But what about the real Hercules Bust? After Edward finds the real Golden Frog and decides to keep it, Rat and his friends leave! EDIT: I found the bust in Fahd's house, but Edward can't pick it up. If he rejoins the party and I send Mel to the house, Fahd is there saying he was robbed! Am I missing something here?
  8. My party now has Charmed and Earth-enhanced weapons, but these Mana Spirits are kicking our arses! Should I give up on the Mana Caves for now, until my party is properly equipped? I know I can get the Zombie Bow for Yvette from Underfall; but where is the Mana Staff for June, and what good does the Scorched Sword do for Edward now if it can only be gotten towards the end of the game?
  9. I know that there is a real and a fake Hercules Bust; are there also two Golden Frogs, or just one?
  10. I think I'm ok then. I did help get Rat out of jail during the baby trade quest; I just wasn't sure where he disappeared to afterwards. So I can get the real Hercules Bust and Golden Frog by returning to Tyobi and helping Rat? Great; thanks Shaz! (BTW which frog is it, and where is the other one? Or am I tripping and there is only one frog?)
  11. I have one more bottle to find as well; I need the one in the Mana Caves. Unfortunately I've been selling my party's previous weapons as I upgrade them (See my post in "Differently enhanced weapons?), so I have to backtrack and get them the right equipment; those Mana Spirits are tough.
  12. Uh-oh...I've been selling my party's old weapons each time I upgrade them (I did keep both the Charmed and Earth Staffs for June, but the others are equipped as follows: Mel - Crystal Dagger, Edward - Templar Sword, Yvette - Imperial Bow, and Spook - Thief's Dagger). Where should I go to properly equip the rest of my party?
  13. I think I messed up somewhere in Peliad while I was doing the baby trade quest, because I don't have any of the Golden Frogs or Hercules Busts (real or fake). Is it too late to go back and retrieve them?
  14. So I was supposed to get thrown in jail before I found and read Lady Gwenalle's business ledger? Well darn; I guess now I will have to load the game from back when we were in the Crystal Caverns. D=
  15. On the way into the Granite Mountains from the Wyrmbone Desert, there is a treasure chest on a ledge just above where the Royal Guard is standing. I believe I have found most or all of the other treasures in the Wyrmbone Desert, but reaching this one has me stumped. Help?
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