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  1. rafa

    Left hand or right?

    In my homeland left-handed people are considered to be particularly unique even thought to be not mixed well with public. Most left-handed people were made to change their nature in their childhood. Fortunately I was born to be right-handed after all...
  2. She acted as Stella in Aveyond 3. Is she an actress? What did she do for Stella?
  3. rafa

    Aveyond Characters *SOME SPOILERS*

    I think AV3 looks like a film more than a interactive PC game. In fact I like the story of Magic Orb. Mel is the most interesting and unique main role amongst three Aveyond(compare with Rhen and Ean)
  4. I find it strange of that surname. Is that surname an allusion rooted in some kinds of classical literature
  5. rafa

    The Long Journey Home (GON spoilers) - FINISHED

    Mel is Ok... Actually I hope to see Knight chew for her
  6. I am confused at the very first in the ruins......
  7. rafa

    Where are you from?

    I am an oversea student in Britain
  8. rafa

    Where are you from?

    I am Chinese. Now I live in Cardiff, Britain, a peaceful, lovely city. I enjoy my life here except food... I vote for Chinese delicious food forever!