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  1. Is it compatible with playmaker

  2. While unlikely your issue, there is a more contemporary driver available from nVidia here. I see that you're also running a 16x9 ratio... I wonder if you moved to 4x3 ratio (which Aveyond uses) if the adapter would be able to manage the conversion better? Try changing your resolution to something like: 1024x768 (not too far off what you have) and see if the frame-rate improves (if it does work, you don't have to keep it there... just switch before playing to avoid the lags... if this is a bit of a bummer, let me know and I can write a little stub to do the conversion automatically on game execution). As with other topics of "lag" nature... what may manifest itself as poor frame-rate may actually be a result of CPU contention so... you'll want to keep an eye on those pesky back-ground applications as well. Enjoy the game!
  3. Sure, simply submit your game here: http://aveyond.com/help/submit-your-game/
  4. Firstly, great to see you're up and fixed... As for multiple browsers... MS has another one in Windows 10... let's hope it's better received...
  5. Try again Tei... you should be fine now. Thanks for letting us know...
  6. If anyone is concerned about placing anything into their "Anti-Virus" exclusions list... I would encourage their use of this site: https://www.virustotal.com You can also use the site to verify that we're not up to any "Funny Business" as a web site as well.
  7. Write to Support@Amaranthia.com... your key will be in the database and they can recover it for you.
  8. Brycej

    Live chat?

    As others have identified, the accessibility of chat is directly related to a given "Trust" level. Unfortunately, this is necessary as "Chat" can be misused. What activates this level has intentionally been left somewhat obscure, as we'd like to keep those with less than noble intents on other sites.
  9. The issue is with our forum software... the current version imposes these limits and oddly, doesn't support editing them. A new version is in the works, and we will update when it is out of beta... 'till then, I guess we all practice our photoshop skills.
  10. Just tested... works for me... you can always write Support@Amaranthia.com if you encounter any such issues.
  11. As I suspect Aveyond isn't the only application you're lacking... one alternative you might consider is doing a dual-boot (read: set up your system to boot Windows AND Linux). There are also VM's and compatibility shims you can run... but ultimately, all operating systems perform their best when run directly on the metal.
  12. As you know, we host games from various independent producers. While we have move to a new payment processing service, not everyone has. Please feel free to PM me the name of the game with the behavior you've experienced and I'll look into this. Thanks for reporting it... even if it's OK, it's good to keep alert!
  13. Brycej

    Live chat?

    Await no more... it's Live... and just in time to discuss a Midnight's Blessing! You can see the chat icon to the left of the search field at the top of the page... all the joy of real-time chat, and so much better formatting and icons than the earlier version! I look forward to your input and hope you enjoy it!
  14. Brycej

    Live chat?

    Well, we've been listening to the varied requests for the return of "PopChat" from the prior site so... guess what... chat will be returning shortly... and FAR Better than Ever before! Now, when will it be ready... well, my prediction is... likely this weekend (if not earlier)! Fasten your seatbelts!
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