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  1. soloaris


    Don’t worry about your look, I sure you looks just fine, I can also ensure you that there is girls where you live, that look at you and think you are a nice boy, you haven’t just seen them yet, and so long you follow this old girl like a puppy, you will not see them, but they are there...You just have to be free from her, and se you like others do, not all women like guys that look like Buffs, they like men that can make them laugh, tell them that they are special, and someone they can trust, guys that look like Buffs, they just run at the gym all the time, and uses half the day to look in the mirror, so don’t worry about them, I red your post at this forum, and I seems like you are a quick thinker, so just be your self, have fun and be cool, then you see, soon you got more girls all around you, and then also, don’t forget how you felt now, so that you never treat someone like you been treated Soloaris.
  2. soloaris


    Well it seams like she is using you like an anchor, and it have nothing to do with changing underwear some girls are like that (and some boys to) they let you stay in love with them and sometimes give you a small kiss or they lay their hand on your arm and tell you that you are really great, and the only one that understand, when the Boy friend arrives, you are soon forgotten, to the next time she needs to be surrounded of someone that loves her what ever she do to hurt you, well you say that she tells you she loves you but she think you are to young… but the new guy are not that, and in stead to let you go, and begin withn your life, she give you small pieces, just to have her attention. My advice is not to listen to any thing, just tell her to choose between you and him, and that you are serious about that, like the people here said, there are a lot of Girls that want to know you, and want to be loved by a great Boy like you! Soloaris.
  3. So I move this out again now you can talk about Hilda in AV1 with out be off topic
  4. Yes that’s was what I mend, but I really does think that Indiana Jones is an Epic movie, don’t worry I shall not Merge
  5. So long people do posts about the topic its not spam, and the village is where we talk about things, so just go ahead, lets talk about Indiana Jones I even got some feelings that they all are Epic movies in some way so maybe I will merge this topic with that one and I cant wait to see the new movie, I really liked all the other movies and hope that this one not just is a way to earn more money, so it really got the standard from the other movies Soloaris.
  6. Well girls that’s a very nice game, I personally Love it, and Plays it often well 2 a year but I move this to the proper forum Soloaris.
  7. soloaris

    epic movies

    Brave heart is one of the best, but I like Rob Roy more because it actually ends fair, guess that not so often in reel life That’s why I liked Kingdome of Haven and Robin Hood; witch also ends in a good way, justice wins (Specially that latest robin from last year?)
  8. Yes hope that you bout have a good time Anime luver and Lacus, and find many friends @Luz: Hi how are you? hope things went well
  9. I ones deleted over 170 double post and triple post made by the same person, and you really have to visit all cottages to do that, it's a hard work, but it was fun to say hi to all members in their cottage those tree days I worked with that, and I did not even mind I just did not have any thing else to do those tree days
  10. I am glad that you all are happy and feel good, we need that a lot here, but maybe we shall try to get back to topic and discuss what is good and bad about games... ??? Well don’t remember the topic any more, what secret Kinny, and is that panel really working
  11. ok then we tell alsing to write that instead
  12. ok I edirt and tell I did cleen out in those post panda write her disision and we move it back
  13. Oki make that dission, panda in post 25 delit post 24 and all afer that and re write post 25 that you desided to close this tred/topic
  14. edit sorry girls I moved it here so we can cleen it up and deside what to do :)first we clerout the posts and tone the wole trouble down Panda you closed the tred so you have to post the last in this when we move it out again Now Panda you shall write insteda of what you wrote, I have cleaned this tred from bad languwish and hot felings, I now re open the tred and you have to behave your self, welcom to go on with the topic, Or we can just deside that not re open, but then he starts a new one... Panda can you give the point at the your last post that you have cleaned this out
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