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  1. Lis

    Pirate ship

    should have tried that lol But finally played up to the ship sequence and got it. Thanks again for your replies
  2. Lis

    Pirate ship

    I'm sure I was not on the ship yet. Payed for it and went to the dock..... no ship. Just in case I went to every dock availeble on foot.............no ship. Got a earlier save, so I replay and hope the ship is there second time around lol. Thank you for answering me. Its highly appreciated.
  3. Lis

    Pirate ship

    Yes, that's the dock I went to. No ship. Saw a post that mentioned the ship was invisible, but I tried every direction on the dock, Nothing happens.
  4. Got the ship but its not on the dock. When I go to the pirate all he says is I love my house. payed him went out to the dock and there is no ship
  5. I would love to beta test aveyond 4
  6. I am interested in beta testing
  7. Could someone just tell me if all the bottles are in the caves? I'm searching for 2 days now and only got 4 empty bottles. New act for circus is my last side quest and I would like to finish it before I go for the end of game.