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  1. where can you see the passage or where will you go in that "secret place" thelia talked about?
  2. Nice siggies everyone -_-' I like ur txt asiunia
  3. umm... I'm kinda off topic but... what will we do to the previous newspaper editors?
  4. nice story. It was really long so... I guess... I read them only half.
  5. kuro-kun


    wow tei, this looks like a nice game ^^ Im interested with the names and the names of the tons village etc. -.-
  6. wow! nice one pandaba ^^ ur game is toally awesome.
  7. hmm.. this looks like a nice game! I better try it ^^
  8. ah, thx for the answer keys -.-
  9. @dattie yeah I Called you and luthie coz I thought your not here anymore and nice set @luthie Nice new set I guess.... ahahaha...
  10. lolz. I have a new set again. where's dattie and luthie?
  11. congrats catchoun and stardale.
  12. they're just the same. so it means that they are the same trusted sites
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