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  1. Katsumi

    Stella's Spells?

    oh. Thanks then. Hard choiches to make though
  2. Each wand has 2 options. Does this mean I only get to chose 1 or do I have to level up again to get the other spell? Thanks in advance
  3. Katsumi

    Classes? :O

    Thanks.. I was thinking if she'll get a healer in her party..Now that you mention it then i guess Ill take the storm magic. Thanks
  4. I just want to know if there'll be any difference if i chose a diff. class or so. Will it affect the game? If so, can anyone suggest which classes are worth taking? Thanks
  5. Katsumi

    Help with real Hercules bust

    Oh, thanks so much..realised i should have taken that one too
  6. Looked for it anywhere i can..cant seem to find it..help pleasE?
  7. Katsumi

    Amaranthians in aveyond

    oh...that's a relief..hope he comes back soon
  8. Katsumi


    MC is right and also if you are going to ask, Ean only has a skill while he is transformed into a creature..but as an elf, he has none :3 Hope it's helpful
  9. Katsumi

    Amaranthians in aveyond

    he left? you mean he left amaranthia for good??? aww..i really love the story
  10. Katsumi

    Amaranthians in aveyond

    aww..i want to read more of it :|
  11. Katsumi

    Amaranthians in aveyond

    hey..you did such a great story..looking forward to seeing more..am also looking forward to the game..and the spoiler please inform me if the game is out BTW..can i please get a spot in the story? pls pls pls :roll: ~~name : Katsumi ~~race : Enchantress ~~skill : Great healer and also good in melee ~~gender : ahm..as i remember im female ~~position: First I appear out of somewhere whenever someone from the party is critical, then in the middle part they will know more about me and will invite me to their party *oh and can i be someone who lost her memory and in the near end will find out, with the help of the party, is somehow connected with the demons[like i was their child/sister/close friend]?
  12. Katsumi

    merchant card?

    oh..thanks so much..i am getting confused with LoT and GoN, so this was really helpful..thanks a lot! :3
  13. Katsumi

    merchant card?

    i need help..i need to get the first key which is on the snowy part but i cant get thorugh because it is too slippery and i need to get to get to Stormbend but i need a merchant card to get here please tell me what i need to do..help would be really appreciated >.<