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  1. Wow... Want to know how drugged I was after getting the teeth pulled? Well, I don't remember starting this thread... =) So, my excitement for my braces is really this: I'm sick of having messed up teeth. I have such crooked teeth. One of my front teeth grew in OVER the baby one, so I had to have the baby one removed. But now, like 2 years later, I have this lovely tooth that's higher than the others. So really, I can't wait to have normal teeth. Plus, when I was little, I thought braces were pretty =D
  2. I just got home from the dentist. I had to have 4 teeth pulled, to make way for my braces (which I'm excited about). It actually went better than I thought, though my mouth is a bit sore, and my lips still feel huge. Have you ever had teeth pulled? What was your experience?
  3. Ooooh! Looks pretty awesome. I'll have to try it!
  4. Everything looks great! Good job!
  5. Looks really cool! Can't wait!
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