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  1. wow. i wish i could live in some other countries
  2. Hoooooohkay.. so what's up? been a while since i last logged in here and i'm happy i did but just a random thought/question.. i know we have different cultures/religions/beliefs/philosophies etc etc, but i wanted to ask and hear from y'all... i believe that a person can love another person even if they haven't met/interacted before. for example, a baby, though unborn is loved by its mom. but is it really possible when a person meet this certain person and just *poof. love? just like that (snaps a finger) and then fall in love? hoho. THOUGHTS? thanks for sharing!
  3. i'm sorry for the disaster, shaz.. we'll be praying for you and your place..be safe hmm, i couldn't agree more about global warming and the peculiar weather around these times.. *sigh. i pray we'll not be expecting disasters since my country is very prone to those.. (as in volcanoes erupting, flash floods, typhoons.. etc.)
  4. Well.. they're not THAT nameless yeah, i guess she shouldn't interfere.. but then again... going back.. the old woman is creepy T_T
  5. good, hard-work-earned gold is still the best way and besides, look at it this way, while fighting monsters, not only you'll have gold, but experience as well Please don't encourage the use of the goodie caves. ~Mopiece
  6. lol. she's tricky to see since she's a ghost and kinda transparent but she;s there
  7. lol. those bugs were funny. when you didn't have to kill them, you'll say, "Ew, its a bug!" haha..
  8. personally, i didnt like the oracle.. i mean, she's a powerful being and all but she doesnt do a thing T_T well, anyhow, i think its for the better, i dont want her in my party.. hahaha yeah, i though she was the old woman too.. and at first, it kinda creeped me out.. i mean, if i were in Stella's shoes, i dunno if ill accept or something
  9. lol. poor bed. carrying all of their weight. T_T hahaha...
  10. man!! you're all being mean to Stella!!! ... hahaha nah, i was kind of annoyed to the "i wonder" phrases too.. btw, offtopic but i had to say... when Edward gave Mel the lilies.. waaa!! she ruffled his hair! XD wee. i dunno.. it was a breakthrough moment )
  11. ikr!! haha, the viagra one kinda bothered me at a time.. :S
  12. yeah, once when i was in high school, we were also required to memorize it.. but i didn't.. but i still finished high school haha..
  13. @indra.. O.O yeah, i get weird ideas in my head about how people are supposed to look too hmm, i think everyone looks great really
  14. @burble and aisling, can i join in smashing things? maybe the Oracle/Goddess is getting old, or she's having a shortage of amusements so she involves mere mortals on problems that she can solve herself really, she must be wicked
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