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  1. Just checked the Commentary Walkthrough link on the Maps, Guides, etc. topic; seems the link is broken, please, can you check it? Thanks.
  2. I tried to sell the faux Herc bust to Fahd (after I had achieved the +1 attraction point) but he didn't bite....I tried a couple of times to see what he would do. Maybe because I visited Fahd for the first time (after stealing his 1st bust) after I had already gotten the faux one? I don't know. Thanks, I will look at your walkthrough for further help! Donna Just checked the Commentary Walkthrough link on the Maps, Guides, etc. topic; seems the link is broken, please, can you check it? Thanks. Merged Post. ~Mopiece
  3. Does anyone know where all the locked chests are located (and the rusty chests too), because I know I saw one somewhere I can't locate again (just thinking of searching everywhere again makes me go @.@ !) Also there seems to be a bunch of weapons I'm still missing (I'm in the fauna cave, having completed everything else including side quests and the mana cave...did I miss something?) I can get a list if necessary. Also: noticed that the FAQ here, which I had already read in the BFG walkthrough, says certain things happen with the Faux Hercules Bust...but there's another FAQ regarding attraction points that seems to contradict that. Basically it seems the list of option of what to do with the Faux Hercules Bust is incorrect, as there is one option listed there that seems not to be an actual option in the game, instead it is replaced with the attraction point option. Do any of these things have anything to do with the fact that I'm still working on Build A?
  4. Well, I really didn't want to read all 20 pages of commentary...but anyway, did anyone else find defeating Gyendal really, really hard? After playing most of the game 3 times (probably an extra 40 hours of play time), I finally got to the part of the game where you can't go back. By using saves you have a choice: going back before the entrance to this area, or after. Unfortunately, I wasn't alert enough to realize that my oldest save was already missing my most important character (because she is required in all battles). Even though I was filthy rich by this time, I still didn't have enough levels to defeat Gyendal. I fought a few battles in the Memory Cave to level up, and then I retrieved Mel, so I could increase her level. At this point you're stuck and you must stay in the cave to do any battles to level up. Of course, the higher the level, the longer it takes to get to the next one. I think at this point, Mel's level was in the high 40's and the others were over level 50. However, no matter what I did, I discovered I couldn't defeat Gyendal. And it took 1/2 hour to an hour to realize this each time I tried. So finally after amassing something like 2750000 gold coins, I was at level 53 or 54 for Mel, and I finally did it after 3 tries at this level. That lightning grid is the worst. I ran out of Tinctura Hypericum then I started using up all my Elixir's. (There's nowhere you can buy the Tinctura, and I had 6 when I entered the cave. I don't remember if I used any earlier in the game.) If the lightning grid struck 2x's or even 3 times before I could restore everyone's health, my characters were dead. Meanwhile, Stella is healing Gyendal, and Gyendal is taking no damage. I ran out of Elixir on my early tries, because I only had 45 of them. If I went back to a save point where I could purchase more, I had to give up all the levels I'd gained in the cave and do it again. If I continued levelling up in the cave, eventually I would run out of resources before the battle even began. Eventually I was about to give up because I couldn't fight any more battles and take damage without losing the things I needed for the battle, when I finally won. Whew.
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