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  1. Where is Nuha, the nymph of Wisdom, home? I've released her from the book, but haven't acquired her blessing. Help will be appreciated.
  2. I mostly hunt and peck, but I have the general locations memorized.
  3. Due to a brain anueryism at birth and my resulting CP, I only know how to use my left hand. My parents and doctor have theorized that I might have been intended to be right based on the difficulty I had early on in life.
  4. This one isn't Aveyond related, but it is a classic error in tranlasting english/japanese. "All Your Base Are Belong to Us." Just to show how bad something can get.
  5. It merely seems to me that the quotation I'm refering to would make for a good story. @moonprincess: ah, your sig bring back memories, some i'd like to forget!
  6. Well, then without spoilers, there is measure of restoration of the memory of Aveyond?
  7. It was when you recieve the Nymphs quest. There was a number of possible talks afterward with one on Aveyond. It may be possible to miss this discussion.
  8. In Aveyond 2: Ean's Quest, the Oracle mentions that Aveyond is being forgotten, and that as such the boundary between their world and the Demon realm is fading. I haven't played any further in the series, so how much worse has this threat become in the Orbs of Magic storyline?
  9. Flyover country, Kansas. Specifically Wichita. Nickname: Air capital. We have Hawker-Beechcraft, Boeing, Cessna, Spirit, Mcdonald-Douglas, and a small showing of Airbus.
  10. @likalurru (please forgive me if I write this wrong): Yeah fiquring out how to get the treasure chest in the basement, the reward of the ella quest, was the second error I made playing the AP game. First being that I didn't save enough early on. I actually didn't catch on to the Ella quest until I played through Rhen's quest (AV-1).
  11. Well, so long as it is equally discriminatory, eg. women can't play as men then I don't see a problem. However I didn't see the discussion as thus.
  12. Galahad

    Anime is a sin?!

    It just shows you that nearly anyone will find something they don't like, and Fundamentalists hate Everything they don't believe is in alightment with their beliefs. There is even groups that compete against each other for the True Faith. BTW: Big anime and manga fan myself. Have watched a dozen animes with my favorites being One Piece, Bleach, and Code Geass before it ended.
  13. In Fate, it is possible to upload character's between games. Is there a similar feature in the Orbs of Magic series to download the party with their levels between the individual games?
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