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  1. Day 3 staceys house. Staceys egg was moving. It is going to hatch soon, she thought. She was very happy about it. But, she is still wondering about it teleporting. She thought it was impossible. Stacey: I wonder if there are more people with eggs like me. let me check the internet. Stacey turned the computer on. She searched the net if there are dragon eggs. She was shoked, there were so many results. So, she thought of talking to them in forums. stacey:*typing* Hello my name is stacey. and i also have an egg. Its purple with violet spots. Can you please give me information about the eggs. another user:*typing* Hi stacey. Every eggs hatch in about four days. Your type of dragon is called furdragon stacey:*typing* Thank you. And so she told all her friends, classmates, neighbours and teachers about this miracle. Most of them were shoked, some of them didn't believe her. Very less of them turned jealous. she was more happy that she new it will hatch tommorrow. to be continued
  2. Hi, I am 10 years old. My name is Ujwal. Ok.It's just that it's my second time writing somthing. Thanks for the advice.
  3. I wanted to show you this earlier but i forgot. This is the dragon Stacey chose. http://dragonadopters.com/images/dragons/4951be6815dea6d4822c7d3e4e7a7385.png[/img] friend's house click on the url below to see friend's room http://s810.photobucket.com/albums/zz24/adelina200/ Stacey: Hello, anybody home. Sun shine's mom: Oh, its you Stacey. Why are you here. Stacey: I want to show something to sun shine. Sun shine's mom: Sure, Please come in. Stacey: Thanks. friend's room Stacey: I want to show you something. sunshine: What? Stacey: This Shows sunshine the egg sunshine: what's that Stacey: An egg, not just any egg but a dragon egg. i got it from my dream. sunshine: WOW! is it really a dragon egg and how could you take it out of your dream?. Can i hold it?. Stacey gave the egg to sunshine. but the egg just teleported back to stacey. Stacey: WOW! cool. sunshine: WOW! cool. But strange. to be continued... hope you liked it:)
  4. i will update after some time
  5. 1.ok i will keep that in mind. 2.sure 3.well i and my family went on a tour and when i returned our house was robbed. 4.what do you mean?
  6. i am back! stacey: MOMMY!!!!!!!! stacey's mom: what why are you screaming so loud. are you going to wake up the world. stacey: no mommy i found a dream in which i found a egg and here it is. stacey's mom: don't lie now go to sleep. stacey: ? but its morning. stacey's mom: shows stacey a clock in which it is 3:AM. stacey: oooh okay. good night. stacey's mom: good night. morning... stacey is staring at the egg.. stacey: is this really a dragon egg... i wonder when it will hatch. stacey: i want to show this to all of my friends...... to be continued. sorry it is short i am still very tired in this 2-day road trip.
  7. i base this story on a young girl named Stacey hope you like it! once upon a time there was a little girl who loved dragons even if it did not exist. stacey: mommy, mommy i want a pet dragon. stacey's mother: No, how many times should i say there are no such things as dragons. now go to sleep stacey: but mommy... stacey's mother: i said go! stacey : but... stacey's mother: GO!!! stacey : okay:( stacey went to her room sadly and slept. somewhere unknown. stacey finds herself in a deep and wide hole. stacey: where am i, and how did i get here. a calm voice: hello young child. stacey: huh? who is there? a calm voice: i am the guardian of this place. stacey: guardian? guardian of what?! stacey notices several round objects on sand, more than hundreds, or maybe thousands. the guardian: the eggs. stacey: chicken eggs? guardian: no silly, the egg of an animal which you really like. stacey: which i really like? ooohh! i didn't know cats have eggs. guardian: not cats dragons :dragon: stacey: that's even better i want all of them. guardian: i am sorry but you may choose only one of them. stacey: then i want that one i love that design. guardian: very well you may take it. now i will send you to your original position. stacey: wait i have questions.... a huge light blinds stacey and when she opens her eyes she found herself in bed. stacey: was that a dream? but she felt something soft in her hands when she looked at it it was the egg she chose!. to be continued........ i will update after three days only i am going to madhurai.
  8. yea it does sounds interesting, ooh and i love your updates.
  9. *waiting**waiting**waiting**waiting**waiting**waiting**waiting**waiting**waiting**waiting**waiting**waiting**waiting**waiting**waiting**waiting**waiting**waiting**waiting*and even more *waiting*
  10. i found a site called dragon adopters its not really a game but i would love to write a story about it
  11. In Eden, started the pie contest, Princess:candidate no.1 please approach. thank you. Princess:candidate no.2 please approach. Jean:now its my turn. i made this with warmth and love princess. Princess: oh thank you jean it was wonderful. Princess: candidate no.3 please approach. downey:it is my turn now. princess i have perfumed my cheeks for this occasion. Noah: I can't watch this. princess: downey your pie is so..... Jean:horrible, but of course it is. Princess: no it is so..Wow,so delicious. Jean:What! but how i always win, for centuries i have always won. Downey: It seems Eden tower has realized the purity of my heart. Princess:something is w-wrong. Princess: Eden is in great d-danger. The princess turns into a monster! meanwhile in the place where Elvira lives everyone was eating the fruits of wisdom except for Josefine. Elvira: now that i am queen of sin i better find a place to build a palace... ah! that's a nice spot. In Elvira's castle Josefine: elvira how could you do this. I told you not to eat those fruits. Elvira: So what if you eat those fruits you will be a queen just like me. Josefine:I don't wanna be the queen of sin. Josefine's master: josefine what are you waiting for kill that vampire. elvira: too late Elvira vanishes....... Hope you like this :)
  12. well it is for non eternal eden players. well it will take some time to get to the part which is not in eternal eden.
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