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  1. ilovechowchows

    Working Title: Fantasia saga *updated*

    will be receiving a name change soon title is berry cliche
  2. ilovechowchows

    I'm offering some sprite and faceset!

    i kinda dislike the gradients for color :c
  3. ilovechowchows

    some image requests

    Request filled later I'll put up some more
  4. ilovechowchows

    some image requests

    so i currently need help with some easy images for my games demo. Requests: 1.a gradient background with the words "all graphics and system are a work in progress and is subject to change." any fount is good i don't care about color as long as it visible please. more request later.
  5. ilovechowchows

    Captainregal - Glacia

    looks interesting
  6. ilovechowchows

    Healer's Prophecy (NEW DEMO JUST ADDED!)

    looks like an ok start
  7. ilovechowchows

    Working Title: Fantasia saga *updated*

    http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/7605/screenshotgu.png[/img] thanks to mila26 for the map and message box :3