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  1. >.> hi again

    some problems in your demo

    1.as kstar stated the towns were really big ...so big i got lost and it all seemed pointless


    2.the dialogue was really horrible (yes i understand your game is under development)stick to in game tips and things partly related to the story


    3.No u don't want the game to turn out like u want it to too many side quest make the player lose track

    of the main story


    but these are just my opinions i don't understand if this is an RPG or a SIM game but the attributes your aiming for seem odd for an rpg

    well good luck hopes it turns out well .

  2. well i took a look a the trailer and it "looks" like

    the game its self was just slap together "i don't know yet" I'll try the demo before i actually say it was slapped together..,

    I guess its the story im more interested in hearing

    could u give a better description on what the storyline is about?


    (i have a feeling this game dose not have a storyline that actually goes into some of the characters backgrounds/history... >.<)

    sorry if this post made u mad just my thoughts on this game

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