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    Wonder. (RPG Engine) Now with Rhen inside!

    nice layout but the graphics are bulky >.>
  2. ilovechowchows

    RPG Maker 2003 help

    set battle conditions to win or lose under win add erase event,when u leave map they will re spawn
  3. I have not come across a screen shot thread on this forum...So i decide to start it off here. Please feel free to post game or map screen shots *but please try not to post anything off topic-commenting and constructive criticism is welcome* World map for a side project: http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/9589/worldmapx.png[/img] Moved to Homemade games section. ~Mopiece
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    Legalizing Prostitution.

    Eddited for being to out there! plus i don't want to make people mad :c
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    Tobop - The Great War of Traboh

    for a strange reason the claymation scares me :c
  6. ilovechowchows

    RPG Maker XP

    My computer has recently been reformatted and after reinstalling rpm maker xp and vx my previous product keys refused to work i notice they changed sites also dose this mean i have to repurchases these?
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    Ha HA HA What? i got 10 different emails of theses spams all from a fake address in the UK or some other place.
  8. I'd like to know some links to some event pages for tutorial to make mini games for Rpg maker xp or mini game scripts . I'd really appreciate it :3
  9. ilovechowchows

    Soon to be!(Only a pic)

    I wouldn't worry he started his last game the same way he some how managed to finish that,im pretty sure this game will be great if completed. O_O
  10. ilovechowchows

    BtS - Evacuation

    >.> hi again some problems in your demo 1.as kstar stated the towns were really big ...so big i got lost and it all seemed pointless 2.the dialogue was really horrible (yes i understand your game is under development)stick to in game tips and things partly related to the story 3.No u don't want the game to turn out like u want it to too many side quest make the player lose track of the main story but these are just my opinions i don't understand if this is an RPG or a SIM game but the attributes your aiming for seem odd for an rpg well good luck hopes it turns out well .
  11. ilovechowchows


    i did get the gitches >.> but i kinda cheated i copy and pasted the edit rpg xp button in the folder and edited stuff...
  12. ilovechowchows


    i made this even though im not very great at drawing http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/1995/face11copy.png[/img] thanks the demo was fun
  13. ilovechowchows

    Strangeluv - A Home Far Away

    goodie i like the way you setup the battles with those graphics, im gonna play right away.
  14. ilovechowchows

    Sailor Moon RPG : The Moon Child

    ? what!?
  15. ilovechowchows

    The Witch and The Warrior

    wow this sounds godly,this is something that will be interesting to play.
  16. ilovechowchows

    Vagrant's Tale

    wow i like the characters portraits ^^
  17. http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/2092/logwy.png[/img] !Basic information! Platform: Windows PC Engine: RPG Maker xp (maybe) Developer: .....me i guess Rating: Everyone 10+ (mild violence & language) Genre: Roleplaying/Fantasy/Action Players: 1 Release Date: (under development) Story: This is Lucian's last year at Hallwind and he's been given a mission to search for a member of the school who's gone missing while collecting herbs in orange stone cave you and your 2 assigned partners are sent to find the Thacher but while on this mission Lucian discover a forbidden power that was sealed at the death bellows of orange stone cave. the teacher that has disappeared has become possessed by the spirit of a great evil and the only hope to stop this spirit from the past that threats to destroy everything is to find all these sealed powers and destroy him. (not futuristic settings) *more has been add but I'll updated that as soon as i Finnish the second chapter* Characters: THE GOOD: -------------------------------------------------------- Lucian /Main: BIO: the protagonist of this story Lucian was in enrolled into the academy Of Hallwind at the age of 14. After a tsunami at the costal town of Delsca which washed away his home and parents, Lucian grew up in an orphanage after being abandoned by his aunt and uncle from financial situations. At the age of the age of 14 the orphanage has a special academic program with Hallwind for their older Children to have them prepared for life outside the orphanage. Age: 17 Gender: boy Class: Swords men’s apprentice, (advancement)master of the 7 blades Weapons: Swords ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seraphina: BIO: The daughter of a the knights captain of Vanferda. She was born in Vanferda to a noble family, her father the captain of the Guard and her mother a magic researcher at Astral burg . She was enrolled to Hallwind at the age of 15 her mother had enrolled Her to learn magic so she could become the next court mage for the king. Age: 16 Gender: girl Class: Healer/def’s magic “Basically battle support” Weapons: Book’s (maybe rods) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE BAD: --------------------------------------------------------- Astaroth/Main villain: BIO: a secret necromancer who was the king of Altria’s court mage. A ancient spirit sealed away in the ruin of a sacred cave forgotten by all. Age: : unknown Gender: unknown Class: unknown Weapons: unknown ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have more (im still thinking up ) -Screen shots- http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/3715/housedemo.png[/img] http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/1549/screenshotpg.png http://img718.imageshack.us/img718/4271/screenshotma.png http://img169.imageshack.us/img169/3985/screenshotgr.png -Concept art- http://img198.imageshack.us/img198/5064/seal2g.png http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/8932/booklight.png game play time im aiming for is 20 hours Scripts I plan to use ~On working System~ Progress: 1% on game play 1% maps 5%story 1%on interfaces.. 10%characters 5%art 3%tile sets (i want to draw them isometric view looking) 23%Data base 0%sprites 3%total (basically) *(a lot of art is unofficial im still trying to draw concept for the characters and buildings) Scripts i plan to use Azrith001's Simple Crafting system~Version: 3.5 By: azrith001 Now Loading Script Authors: game_guy People helping: Mila26 (artist & mapper,eventer) Lura (artist) *looking for help *my problem is i don't know how 2 write this where should i start how should i write it its so confusing i have my ideas but i don't know how 2 start writing it could some one point me 2 a tutorial?(solved)
  18. ilovechowchows

    Working Title: Fantasia saga *updated*

    !BUMP! new screenshot's http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/976/screenshot003r.png >.> i decided it was to early to relase te demo since i never really got around to drawsing the school tileset its just char's walking on a black screen....
  19. ilovechowchows

    Working Title: Fantasia saga *updated*

    bump heres the new on working map http://img697.imageshack.us/img697/2835/refreashmapcopy.png plz comment on the maps old and new i need some more comment to see whats missing
  20. ilovechowchows

    Pure RPG

    thanks sound like a great story, i guess it understandable since its your first game you'll get use to writing scenarios good luck with the sequel.
  21. ilovechowchows

    Pure RPG

    well i took a look a the trailer and it "looks" like the game its self was just slap together "i don't know yet" I'll try the demo before i actually say it was slapped together.., I guess its the story im more interested in hearing could u give a better description on what the storyline is about? (i have a feeling this game dose not have a storyline that actually goes into some of the characters backgrounds/history... >.<) sorry if this post made u mad just my thoughts on this game
  22. ilovechowchows

    Disease of Girl

    what i don't understand could u clean up the description a little
  23. ilovechowchows


    lucky how did u get such a good menu i want 1? >:3
  24. ilovechowchows

    Working Title: Fantasia saga *updated*

    i hope to release a small demo very soon after i draw the characters out but the art will be sloppy, X_X i have clumsy hands and i cant draw well.