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  1. nice layout but the graphics are bulky >.>
  2. I have not come across a screen shot thread on this forum...So i decide to start it off here. Please feel free to post game or map screen shots *but please try not to post anything off topic-commenting and constructive criticism is welcome* World map for a side project: http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/9589/worldmapx.png[/img] Moved to Homemade games section. ~Mopiece
  3. Eddited for being to out there! plus i don't want to make people mad :c
  4. for a strange reason the claymation scares me :c
  5. Ha HA HA What? i got 10 different emails of theses spams all from a fake address in the UK or some other place.
  6. I wouldn't worry he started his last game the same way he some how managed to finish that,im pretty sure this game will be great if completed. O_O
  7. >.> hi again some problems in your demo 1.as kstar stated the towns were really big ...so big i got lost and it all seemed pointless 2.the dialogue was really horrible (yes i understand your game is under development)stick to in game tips and things partly related to the story 3.No u don't want the game to turn out like u want it to too many side quest make the player lose track of the main story but these are just my opinions i don't understand if this is an RPG or a SIM game but the attributes your aiming for seem odd for an rpg well good luck hopes it turns out well .
  8. ilovechowchows


    i did get the gitches >.> but i kinda cheated i copy and pasted the edit rpg xp button in the folder and edited stuff...
  9. ilovechowchows


    i made this even though im not very great at drawing http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/1995/face11copy.png[/img] thanks the demo was fun
  10. goodie i like the way you setup the battles with those graphics, im gonna play right away.
  11. wow this sounds godly,this is something that will be interesting to play.
  12. wow i like the characters portraits ^^
  13. !BUMP! new screenshot's http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/976/screenshot003r.png >.> i decided it was to early to relase te demo since i never really got around to drawsing the school tileset its just char's walking on a black screen....
  14. bump heres the new on working map http://img697.imageshack.us/img697/2835/refreashmapcopy.png plz comment on the maps old and new i need some more comment to see whats missing
  15. thanks sound like a great story, i guess it understandable since its your first game you'll get use to writing scenarios good luck with the sequel.
  16. well i took a look a the trailer and it "looks" like the game its self was just slap together "i don't know yet" I'll try the demo before i actually say it was slapped together.., I guess its the story im more interested in hearing could u give a better description on what the storyline is about? (i have a feeling this game dose not have a storyline that actually goes into some of the characters backgrounds/history... >.<) sorry if this post made u mad just my thoughts on this game
  17. what i don't understand could u clean up the description a little
  18. ilovechowchows


    lucky how did u get such a good menu i want 1? >:3
  19. i hope to release a small demo very soon after i draw the characters out but the art will be sloppy, X_X i have clumsy hands and i cant draw well.
  20. will be receiving a name change soon title is berry cliche
  21. http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/7605/screenshotgu.png[/img] thanks to mila26 for the map and message box :3
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