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  1. As an experienced troll, I must say it is waaaay too enjoyable to deliberately annoy people. However, I don't do, and never angered people the way the guys did with Christian stuff. I act as illy and dumb as possible, and annoy people to their utmost when have the chance, but I never pass the limit, which is doing something the other wouldn't laugh of later. Some of the exaggerate a lot, and I don't know why, and have no explanation for it. However, I d agree it's unpleasant and something needs to be done about it.
  2. @Ruffi 1. There were the caves with rats and snakes where you could level really easy. Regarding the Demon Caves, I just got Rhen's Shadow Sword, some Aquifolium Extoras, and used Nightbird Song to wipe out the enemies, and I just exited from the cave with the pixies and out again to kill them. It took me 30 minutes to get to level 99 from 67. 2. There is a reason for that. If the player will succeed in defeating enemies stronger than the upcoming area, he will have no difficulty in raiding the upcoming dungeon. Or you'd prefer a dungeon full of strong masters that can mop the floor with you, and some really weak pre-enemies.
  3. 1. The battles are annoying when you are literally over-killing the enemies, and without any use. The easy way to solve this would be to put a switch, as when a story part is completed, the enemies to change in a respective area, or to be changed accordingly to the stats of the player, if the player meets certain stat points. 2. Final Fantasy IV - The After Years had a rather weird mechanism - depending on the moon phase, a certain monster may pop up in a random battle, and might drop a item to be traded. That was annoying. It would be fun if, let's say, in a dungeon or area you find a secret section, which you complete, and there you get an item. Upon obtaining that item ( whatever may it be ), a random, boss-similar type of monster to appear and follow the player. Upon defeat, you loose that item ( Possibly needed to kill the enemy, and you get his item in return, which would be a rare on. ). Making enemies ultra rare and their drop rate insanely low will only serve players nerve-wrecking and rage-quits when they die of too many attempts. (Speaking from experience, I got murdered by Green Dragons at least 11 times, I fought them enough times, and uselessly, no drops. That just drives players insane. )
  4. Dressing Up It was a fun part, because you could choose the characters how to look like. You could make them silly, stylish, look powerful, etc. And it adds a certain feel to the game. It would be amazing if we could see in the future the equipment of the characters on sprites. Buying Houses This I found interesting, because the characters not only have their small world to live, but they interact with each other. Also, it would provide a great feature if you could play mini-games in the house to win certain prizes. Fast Travel I loved the Quick Silver and the Traveling Runes. They were so darn good. But the Traveling Runes had that small counterpart, that you could be stuck on an island without any means to transport back to the original place. That, if ever happens the Runes to appear again in future releases, to be fixed. Cooking/Crafting That would be an amazing idea to be able to craft your ultimate equipments, or potions, rather than having to turn the world upside-down to find them, or pay immense amounts of gold to be able to get them. Intelligence Agencies That was interesting, but at times rather annoying, having to backtrack if you stumble across an area where you need that skill, but have to back-track for it. It would be easier if the players are prevented to leave the area, by adding a text like : "I feel we aren't done yet here. " Shovel, Lock Pick, Magic Key That was terribly annoying, having to fight hordes of monsters, remember where the chests were, find the item, fight your way back through the dungeon, use on item-requirer,get the item, just to discover it may be useless. Goddarn, that was one thing I couldn't stand. ( *hint* *hint* Aveyond 1 and the Quail Egg in the Pile of Dirt ) Guilds Yes. Just yes, no need to explain why. In AP, that was just so awesome, especially getting a special equipment item. It was just worth the challenge and the grinding needed for that, to discover the skills and awesome item you get. It was all that great. Attraction That was rather.... I am not allowed to say those words here. I couldn't figure what to do, and where, because it would end in a stupid result. I killed Stella three times until I figured out how to save her....It's too much of a mind-bugger... Love Triangles + Too much drama.... Split Party That was amazing, and I wish you would be able to do that in some dungeons too, like the whole party splits in two sides of the Dungeon in order to find *x important item*. That would be great if improved a little. Or simply to be able to split parties at own's wish, to explore separately. So if one party is in a city, for example, and you use one to explore, have the other one search for the required item, and get the needed healing items, to ease the process of the game. I'd like to add Bonus Dungeons or Side Dungeons to the list, optional places/or areas, for that matter, where the characters could train with higher level monsters, and obtain items which in the storyline you couldn't, and to be unlocked if certain conditions are met. Edited to remove profanity. Please refresh your memory on the forum rules. ~Mopiece
  5. You can actually post on whatever topic you find interesting, Spam is only when things with absolutely no relevance to the topic are posted. For more info, visit the http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/castle/ for info and restrictions. Here's late, and I have to go to sleep for now, but feel free to ask whatever is unclear to you, and asks the mods for help if you need. Good night. *flies away*
  6. They're just to add a feel of RPG to the forums, it isn't anything else to it. You get one gold per post, and 0 for posts in Spam Heaven.
  7. Welcome to the forums, D_L. Hope you'll have a fun time around. If you are active and post, you may be able to join one of the guilds in the future. Until then, I wish you a lot of fun around.
  8. Nyctophobia: It's the fear I have, like many others. I am ashamed to admit that I'm afraid of darkness, but is more the fear to be enveloped by it, because you don't know what might be in it. I wouldn't be able to walk at night without at least some well-lit areas. Oneirophobia: Same as Adept, I have some really weird dreams, and let me tell you that they are nothing which you could cope with. Alongside with Sleep Paralysis, dreaming of being chased by some butchers in an abandoned factory, during night, with an oil lantern only in your hand, because they want to use you for food isn't anyone's piece of cake. And while at this dream, just imagine seeing butchered humans hanging on sticks, like they are being used for feeding and put there to be dried, and seeing flies all around, and actually feeling the smells. And that's just one of the many really screwed up things I see during my sleep. Some people say that dreams reflect upon the upcoming reality...I pray to God that that isn't coming anywhere to reality anytime soon!!! Basically, they're somehow all the things I hate combined into a horrendous state. If I'd have to face that situation in real-life, I am not sure of what I'd do...
  9. @Adept Ouch, and why would you do that?!
  10. If you slept, then you should be able to take Devin back. But before that, stack up some Marsh Tea and head into the Haunted Forest, there are some good items for you there, and you can also level.
  11. @Ruffi I grew at the countryside too, and that's nothing new for me. Everyone has some things which cannot stand, and for me are the next: Flesh, organs and slime. Those are two things I cannot cope with, and neither want to see them. I grew at the countryside, Ruffi, I used and I still use to pull out carrots, just wash them a bit of mud and eat them like that. It's not being over-sensitive but a matter of personal aspects. Also, if you live at countryside doesn't mean you still have to use the same old means of hygiene. ( ex. OUTHOUSE ).
  12. @d_a I'm referring to the snails and many other aspects of vegetables. However, vegetables are still not as disgusting as meat...especially putrid one...And yes, I know the difference, but in rush to reply, didn't notice he wrote worse instead of worst. We all do mistakes.
  13. Well, at everyone, my teachers are quite old and still enjoy using technology to teach, because it makes it more interesting to the students. And yes, it's very true, old people really enjoy using gadgets as long as they are taught how to. There's nothing new about that. @d_a I have said quite much about the people owning expensive stuff and not knowing how to use them entirely. XD
  14. @Rufii If potatoes are worst, you have never seen or smelled rotten eggplants. Trust me, something not to be desired during lifetime. And who said plants are not disgusting...? Try cleaning cabbage or salad, and wake yourself up with slime all over it, just see how wonderful that feels...
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