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  1. I prefer an installer, it's quick, it's easy, I haven't got to mess around with .rar files. Usually I'm given a choice about having a shortcut on the desktop, which is handly, otherwise if I want one I have to create my own. I think it looks more professional.
  2. I downloaded the new version, copied my save files into it, but when I went to open one I got the following: Script 'Crystal Lighting' line 534: EOFError occured. End of file reached. The game then closed down when I clicked OK. Any idea what's going on?
  3. Thanks very much for this. I'd been clicking from the front, not the back. Anyway, I'm in now, so on we go.
  4. I've come back to this after I suppose a couple of years. The first time I played it, I tried the Arcadia route to Duke Greene and got stuck, so re-loaded and did the ferry. I want to do the Arcadia route this time, but I'm stuck in the same place. At the villa I can get the door in the room to the right open by clicking on the spinning wheel (at least I think that's what it was), but all I get is a treasure chest which is jammed. No matter what I click in the room to the left, the door is always locked. I've read the posts which say click on the spinning wheel, plant, armour, but nothing seems to work. Has anyone got more precise directions? Thanks
  5. Translation is a bit rough, but I hope gives an accurate flavour of the review. This game has a very thrilling plot and it tries an unusual history (= story) without involving magical beings or things like that. Beyond the script, the systems are very helpful, the maps are almost perfect, the sprites enrich/delight the eyes and the interactions with the NPCs are really important for the plot and the progress of the game. Everyone should experience, therefore, what is a great/excellent project. I can't quite get the interaction with the NPCs bit which talks about "contains". Brazilian Portugese is a bit different from European Portugese, and then again, there's always a difference between usage in different genres of print, so it could be something very specific.
  6. woohooo - I'm stuck in the gorge too. I've asked Strangeluv if it would be possible to make it a bit easier by providing a map without the blue eddies (it's that which kills me each time) and I think that might happen. In the meantime, I've gone on to something else. I died so many times over several hours of trying (spread out over 3 days) that I got too frustrated to carry on. Don't think my reflexes will ever be fast enough, no matter how often I practice it.
  7. I left this game for a couple of weeks and I think I may have forgotten the proper directions. I've got 2 keys from the witches and I think it said that the next 2 were in "the next town". Reading the posts this looks like it ought to be Himeji City, but I can't find it anywhere near where I am now. Which way do I go? Second question. How do I post so that the question/answer has to be highlighted so as not to provide a spoiler? Thanks EDIT Found Himeji City. But would still like to know how to format posts so as not to give a spoiler. Could someone PM me about this? Thanks
  8. Success. Thank you so much.
  9. I chose to go to Dillon through the tunnel (how I wish I'd chosen the ferry!!) I've been up and down the ladders until I've got vertigo and am now completely stuck. Somehow I got to the point where there are 2 pink crystals and a keyhole, but I don't have the key and can't find out. I now can't seem to get out of the tunnel back to the village to get more healing items and am in imminent danger of death. This means I can't save either. No matter how I flip the switches nothimng seems to work. Help!!!
  10. I'm at the part where Mecury has met up with Pluto and Sailor Moon has met the little girl in her kitchen about the cake and just said that she will go to Rei's and wait for her. I've gone back to her grandfather's shrine and waited, but nothing happens. I've looked everywhere that I can think of. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Edit - found the assistant - all now well.
  11. Stuck again. Like another person I can't get out of the desert, but just come to a dead end at the north east. I've clicked on everything in sight, wandered around, levelled up and earned a lot of money, all of which is no compensation. Help!!!!
  12. Sorted! Thanks. As for the compliment - credit where credit is due.
  13. I too need the patch to sort out the problem with the walk speed - but I can't find the support page where it's been posted (yeah, feeble, I know, but honest I have hunted). Could someone take pity on me please. I'm really enjoying the game, more than some of the well-known commercial ones, so well done Pandaba.
  14. Thanks very much. I was wondering when the dynamite would be needed.
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