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  1. I miss you being on here sissy ❤️ I think she forgot her password and can't get her account back anymore 😕 lol

  2. The only source of this story is my state of mind.. I looked everywhere around the streets,everything looked so irrelevant though I've lived here for a thousand years.. I tried to recognize the faces that are walking right past me, I tried to ignore the street lights that keep my memory from resting peacefully, but nothing worked!all I see here are the shadows of the people who have lived here, Who I have loved and lost somehow,and all I hear is the echo of a past life that seems to be so unreal here as I stand alone .. But then the memories pause for a second when that voice called my name,It was strange and yet amazing,this voice was the only voice that sounded quite familiar to me."Clair? is that you?!" he asked continuously. "Yes, Do I know you by chance?" "It's me Edward!" I really couldn't tell whether it was a dream or not.. I've seen this face before!I've recognized it within a second of him telling me who he was.. He was my long lost brother.. But i thought he was dead! I thought they were all dead, after that demolishing war king Dezlu started,He killed everyone I've known, he demolished all our cities in Brenderland and even my home, he took all of my magical powers because he wanted to use them for his devilish plans,I didn't have a choice but to give them to him because he promised he would return my best friend Leo back,& I believed him, Maybe for the thought that what he's saying is actually true, because I couldn't stand another long desolate day without my dear friend, we shared every single childhood memory together, I promised I would never leave him because I couldn't and because he had no family but me, we've lost our parents because of King Dezlu's Wife, Mirishka. She hated the fact that anyone can be happier than her,because she was blind since birth,she didn't wan't anyone to see the beautiful world she always hears about, she killed over 1 million civilians because of her insanity.. This is what loss does to people sometimes,It ruins them, it tears them apart as they try to live normally..
  3. Wow!Thats so cool. Good Luck with the game making! And Btw, I Really love Aveyond:Lord Of Twilight but the game ended quickly and I thought it will be a little more longer. But its ok. I love excitement
  4. Well im so happy to hear that,another part of Aveyond after all,and takes from 1 to 2 months xD
  5. There is No virus in Aveyond Or Aveyond two,i played aveyond I for Like a year and repeated it 5 times,And i Have Anti Virus 2008,They didnt ever Detect aveyond I or 2. Maybe this Virus Scanner is a Spyware,get sure.
  6. This Game im still making,its still in progess Im Working on it,i started it like 1 week ago,so it might take alot of time to finish it,anyways my friends At school are helping,so it wont take that long. Characters: Alex http://s214.photobucket.com/albums/cc6/dark-witch_photos/th_ll.gif[/img] Information: A young wizard,training in Zevetra School,she lives in Enjendrito,She has Two Best friends,Andriana,Teli.She is A swordfighter Age: 17 Teli: http://s214.photobucket.com/albums/cc6/dark-witch_photos/th_kk-1.gif[/img] Information: She's Alex's Best friend,she lives like Next to her,and they go to the same school,she is A Mirror,Curse Fighter. Age: 17 Andriana: http://s214.photobucket.com/albums/cc6/dark-witch_photos/th_catlover.gif[/img] Infromation: Andriana's Alex's Other Best friend,she lives A little Far away from teli and Alex,but she lives in Enjendrito,She goes to the same school as them,She is A fighter Too. Age: 17-18 Jake: http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc6/dark-witch_photos/jake.gif[/img] Information: Jake...Alex's Dream,he's Her love her life,he likes her too,but theboth dont know the other side feeling.He lives in Seni But he goes to Zevetra School,Alex Met him there. Age: 18 Elina: http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc6/dark-witch_photos/elf.gif[/img] A Young elf Lives In Elfwood,Training In Amingasho Elf Trianing school Age: 21 Sara: http://s214.photobucket.com/albums/cc6/dark-witch_photos/th_sara-3.gif[/img] Infromation: Alex's Smaller sister,she lives In Enjendrito,She trains at Zevetra Middle School. Age: 15 Sam http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc6/dark-witch_photos/sam.gif[/img] Information: A Gunner That Lives In Sonimar,He is smart and sweet,when Adriana Meets Him,She'll freeking love him.. Age: 20 Jim: http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc6/dark-witch_photos/jim.gif[/img] Infromation: He's Teli SoulMate,He lives In Kinamondo,But he goes to Zevetra's School,he goes Alot to Enjendrito,because Zevtra Is There. Tilesets: Enjendrito An Ancient Land Were three Best friends Lived,they trains At Zevetra's School,the most important Place ever Other Tilesets Must be done soon
  7. My hardest moment was crossing ahriman's Lair,i was level 79,they were so powerful , i had to bring like 50 casia's leaves and bring all kinds of refels,i hope there was aveyond 3.
  8. Im gonna start playing from Now,i think its gonna be awesome
  9. Well to fight the evil witch,i know it too hard to kill her but.Higlight..you have to level up to level 99,and to get the healer,instead of Gavin,You have to get all the power For LYA.well you level up and take all powers from a goodie,idk the name,but you gotta find it.There's two Powers you could Kill the witch after you use the Goodie.Rediance Song+Wrap Song.Just those could be Powerfull with her && The snow queen.Ean has to be a dragar and use the Snor Power,and you have to bring plenty of potions and others,Hope it would be helpfull Thanks. Maya
  10. Elfwood Is the place that you started the game on,But you cannot go back there untill you fight the snow queen and the wicked wich so they'll choice you to Go with Rye or lya or to go alone,so its your choice.,But if you didnt Donate Karma In there You're unable to Get the Pheonix Sphere.
  11. I have the key: Just you have to level up to 99 and you have to get all the skills for Lya,And you Have to join nicolas the greatest healer in thais,And leave gavin,And you have to Get goodies for that
  12. Well,i dont really get what you just said? did u get the wickness bless?
  13. Well im in trouble. I want to know,where can i find the secret great weapon????:cry:
  14. I gt into mirror mansion,but i always get deafet:( wich level should ean,lya,And the others:(?
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