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  1. so rhen's pa is devin, and rhen's ma is alicia, or rhen's ma is who devin remarried? and so then does that make daemon and rhen siblings? also, i heard there's a 10-15 hr demo? how long does it take to complete the game? i tried using the GOD goodie, but i don't think it worked. how can u tell please? thanks all!
  2. the walthrough says it's on the table in one of the fairy houses, but it's not there. do i need to read it in order to find the fairy children? if so, what's going on please? thanks
  3. i'm totally lost here. trying to find salamander lady. help please. thanks
  4. read directions on walkthrough, but still. please help. thanks
  5. thank you. i saw it as a different color tho before, and near hp, so i was confused
  6. i'm trying to find alicia and i go in the cave, go all the way to the bottom, go out left and find the key portal or whatnot, but i can't find lord zorom and alicia! please help
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