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  1. ipodbearxx

    User Names

    @Matria : Dawnmist it's suited for u very much ^^
  2. YOUR USER NAME: Kirara_audrey YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME: Griselda Arcana Black YOUR CHARACTER'S SEX: Female DATE YOU CREATED THIS CHARACTER: 4/27/10 YOUR CHARACTER'S CLASS/JOB: Assassin YOUR CHARACTER'S SPECIES: Vampire YOUR CHARACTER'S AGE: 971 YOUR CHARACTER'S ABILITIES: a)Physical: Able to use scythe, she can run fast. she is very strong at night b)Magical: Strong at dark magic and deffense aginst Dark Magic, very great at Dark Arts YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS: Dark Arts YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: Sunlight OTHER : Griselda is a noble who secretly become an assassin Character was last edited on: 21/08/11
  3. @Grizzly : it's Kirara! i change my old username, yesh i know b'coz i know Rainy's style
  4. ipodbearxx

    Nick Names

    @Meroko : u can afterall u're the one who called me Poddy
  5. ipodbearxx

    Nick Names

    Meroko called me "Poddy" since that time i letting u all to called me Poddy-bear XD
  6. @Grizzly : lemme guest! it's Rainsworth's work ryt?
  7. @Dawn : it's on previous " Post Your Picture ( remake ) "
  8. @Gamez : btw if u don't like it just close ur eyes btw XD
  9. @Mero : right, after all at January i turned 13 and i can post my pictah @Dawn : i HEART ur face!! > w < , lol i already posted old one don't u know XD
  10. 7 month to go, so i can post real me right now
  11. @Gamez : ^^ sankyuu nee > w < @Mero : hohohoho sankyuu Grandpaa~
  12. just create a new set, i have same avvie as valky after all @Valky : lemme use this avvie ?
  13. only change my avvie as always ^^ it's supaahhh epic avvie for me
  14. she's from chrome shelled regios Meroko
  15. only changes my avvie ^^ i'm try'em to stick with this set ( if i can XD )
  16. i ALSO change my set too Felli Loss she's cute at da way
  17. @Lara : u have an awesum set >w< -i'm still at progses to creating siggie-
  18. ipodbearxx

    User Names

    ahaha XD yeah totally, i grab it from all my fave ^v^
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