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  1. oh thanks for telling me sorry everyone i made u all confuse
  2. yup it's Lucky Star, Konata Izumi~ Konata ish really like me btw
  3. change my set again ish Yui from Angel Beats
  4. welcum everyone who ish new here ^^ btw I'm Kirara_audrey from W&W guild ^^ (pls do not be scare if u look at guild roster)
  5. trying to find goodie cave, bcoz the goodoe cave give ya the strongest armor and weapon plus u can leveling ur chara in level goodie cave
  6. how bout petsociety? it's nice but make me boring sometimes...
  7. FINALLY!!! i change my set, it was a friendship set ^^~ i dunno why but i so HEART my own set ryt now haha XD
  8. @pink_heart: haha thanks i HEART ur set btw :3
  9. wahaa all of u habe a nice siggie n avvie~ @wolphie: haha xD
  10. yea long time my life: so sad take a look on my FB but i will be happy on 17 August b'coz we (my gang on school) will go to BSM~ n in 16 August my friend (Cassie) will celebrate her birthday~ i will give her a present "gencetan" lol i go here b'coz i changing xD
  11. Happy Birthday Rogue ^^ sorry i'm late
  12. Ohaii everyone *ehem* let u know lil bit bout me n welcome for new amaranthian~ now i'm changing lol xD Name: Kirara_audrey nickname: Kiri,Kira,Kirara,Maii,Audrey style: lazy, ugly, easy to mad, tomboy-ish,narssistic girl guild: Witches and Warlock
  13. *patient* i should be patient... grrrrr hury up!!! cannot wait for last scene xD btw i know it will bw good last chapter
  14. this me more badder than last photo xD too "Narsis" http://i738.photobucket.com/albums/xx24/Kirara_audrey/P5300120.gif[/img]
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