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  1. i post my pic but it was cencored with text "Scarlet" http://i738.photobucket.com/albums/xx24/Kirara_audrey/P6220132.gif[/img] One more xD Do not ask me what ish "Narsis" mean http://i738.photobucket.com/albums/xx24/Kirara_audrey/P5210028.gif[/img]
  2. username: Kirara_audrey character name: Nightray Phantomhive character sex:female date ur crated this character: 4/27/10 character class/job: Vampire, Nightmare Queen character age: 20 character abilities: She use scythe for attacking magical: she ish strong in Dark Magic and Spiritual magic. -Darkness Seal: Seal a power from any creature with dark magic -Nightmare: Give a nightmare curse and make enemy sleep forever -Spirit Touch: Steal creature spirit -Scarlet Revolution: transform me into a monster with bat wings,sharp teeth,red eyes -Dark Divine: Calling Death Reaper character strenghs: She ish very scary but have many friend character weakness: Lazy, get angy easier character edited on: 13-08-2010
  3. sankyuu Rekka~ change my set~ Erika Furudo
  4. whatcha!? pinkjaguar u got nice set!!! b*O*d n it's cute to ^^
  5. change my set~ thanks to Lara who made this ^^
  6. woot thanks Lara ur set r nice... i dunno why but i really lke ey xD
  7. wewewewewewew!!!!! everyone backup to naylith!!!!~ nice job for ghed'ahre scene!!!
  8. i don't care bout this zodiac, but i care chinesse zodiac x)
  9. @agas: hehe i'm a tiger bwahaha xD but do the thing likey a cat
  10. when i was little i watching a movie about Kasper the ghost, i saw i cello they said ish a violin ==
  11. @Lara: wew violin~ it's H2SO4 http://www.zerochan.net/H2SO4?q=H2SO4
  12. change my set~ the siggie ish so simple... simple siggie with a text and dash border
  13. Name: Stephanie Title: Stephanie - The Nightmare Before Christmas Race: Witch Skill: Hex,Curses,Nightmare sender Gender: female Position: The Nightmare Queen
  14. still capricorn == @shade: becarfull i eat u
  15. wooot! i dun care about et... i most likey chinesse/eastern zodiac~ i'm a lion
  16. Hai nice update~ Lydia always starting my Bad Mood out...
  17. waiiiiiiiiiii Lara it's really nice set~ ummmmm Avvie n Siggie contest? alice in wonderland?
  18. ipodbearxx

    Nick Names

    just mage xD okkie?
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