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  1. i just choose necromacer guild~ b'coz Lars will have weevils, it really help u fot fight Ahriman
  2. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee may ish sho cute i really likey et
  3. hehe... well thanks xD but i still cannot meet they in the real world... still miss they xD
  4. nice update!!! ugh... lydia r annoying i really want to tormenting her... *take a kunai+shuriken*
  5. ipodbearxx

    Nick Names

    for u just Hana-chii ^^ XDDDDDD
  6. looks good~ i really likey Ember the Little witch ^^ her sketch r great n nicely describtion
  7. well she mean: same school same class same school same teacher XD hehe that was the ****'s mean
  8. it's really awesum story ^^ i really enjoy et,luv ya story ^^ looking forward for the next~
  9. u still not boring with temari... it's cute set ^^ luv ya aviie
  10. coolio background! luv et!
  11. ipodbearxx

    Nick Names

    or... just call me Maria for chiko: Elvy
  12. nice story bout Mel and Edward xD luv et!!
  13. it's from anime Vocaloid~ her name was Hatsune Miku/Miku Hatsune i dunno what book
  14. xD true we're in same city on Bandung + same school
  15. hi-ya u taken ur photo from my album xD btw it's okkie~ well likey ur style on TMII
  16. luv Candie's Siggie~ ur avvie r chute to ****~
  17. LOL!!!!!!!!!! nicely one story bout the dtupid lydia~ purfecto couple~
  18. for cure lydia there was one way: died first~
  19. lol!!! meeeaowwww~~~~ i miss long part of story... well well well *i dunno how to explain et problemo ish language*
  20. likey chapter one xD it's cool story!
  21. Bandung in that way~ exams? my exams? i always get great mark on et...
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