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  1. What best to do?Please help!

    Thanks! :thanks:...I'll get back when I'll be stuck again
  2. What best to do?Please help!

    Hey thank you all guys! I do have the winged sandals and I think the soul amulet too...It's the one I got fr the locked chest in Venwood...well i guess so.. What abt the dragaon scales?where to get them? I've got 1 salamander armour and i do have loads of gold...Is there somewhere I can buy the dragon scales? I am at level 59 right now and hopefully I'll get both the fire and the passion relics....I'll try the glass key once again... Thanks a load!
  3. I've got the death and Earth relics. I went to Tar Vedron and tried to look for Fire relic but the creatures are too powerful...same for the water relic. I have got the glass key but nothing happens when I tried to open the glass coffin in the unmanned cave. Is there something i need to do first? I am at level 50 or so. I'm just leveling up the characters in the meantime but I would surely love to know what would be the next best course of action. And something else I have noticed. In the world map, the river between Thais and Candar branched out in two parts, one through to another bridge (which I couldn't find when I used the canoe up the river to go to the unmanned cave) and the other path that it takes is to another dock which I couldn't access to with my pirate ship. why is that so?
  4. Hi there, Sorry for the delay, I was gone for a little while but a BIG Thank you to all of you...I wouldn't have found the relic otherwise..
  5. I went in the teleport maze and went in and out several times...got the myrica infusion but no vampiress anywhere...how do i get to her?
  6. Oh yes I figured this out...I mean the village square...I checked out the gossip forum...It's a nice place to interact adn I must say I was so pleasantly surprised to realize that some of the members are even wise veterans!wow!...and I thought I was too kiddish(well ...that's what my husband would playfully tell me at times!). I'll go there once I get the time to really be in the community...for the time being i'm trying to balance the time with my 18 month old daughter and the rest of stuff in life... and so I'm in version2...well it's good and so far I'm doing well but my husband is wondering now what is this forum I'm into...lol! I explained to him and he's laughing...he's always been a sweetheart and always by my side, that's why I can play my type of games whenever I can...
  7. I suppose I'm playing version1 but i'm not too sure...I know it's hard to get hold of the enemy especially when they r moving arnd u!lol!...How do you get version2? Thanks for the welcome...I like the Amaranth community and finds it really helpful when I am playing the games...I thought i was already in village square,ain't I?...
  8. i did it cool game

    I guess that what most of us will be doing till the next Aveyond come in...lol!
  9. Thanks folks...this forum really works...it's amazing how evryone tries to help anyone here...it's simply gr8!...
  10. well that's not too bad...thanks!But I don't know how to kill the snakes in Eden.... how do I defend myself? I find myself being attacked from nowhere and get killed everytime without knowing what triggered it...hahaha...
  11. i did it cool game

    thanks guys! guess i'll have to play it for the 3rd time tho'...yep, i gave the north wind to old man twice already and did not even use the wind spell the 2nd time as I opted Nicholas for Gavin this time... Funny how I kept thinking about that something strong which needs to move the troll off the bridge and I always thought abt the north wind but never guessed that i had the choice to use it in a different way...
  12. It's not working...still same old graphics...how do you play on reduced screen?...I can't work my way around the options...the image is blurred and the game functions aren't so good!
  13. Oh! That's good news. Let me try the link and see...will get back later... Thanks!
  14. I tried to download it twice but the graphics would not work as smoothly as Aveyond1 & 2? Does AP support the same software as the new games?
  15. i did it cool game

    Hi, I'm new here but I completed aveyond 1 & 2. I really enjoyed both games. However, I could not find the tailor's kit in Aveyond2.Where was it?... I am looking forward to another new game from Amaranth similar to Aveyond. Hope it will come out soon.. Prat9