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  1. It looks really great The history and characters seem interesting... Nice job That tilesets are awesome! :3 Did you make them yourself? Will be waiting for updates.
  2. Hmm, Now that I replayed it, I don't think the maximum power is 150 because I got 168
  3. OK, I don't know if it's a bug or not but, well, I was make Mt. Orion trial with Stella and then equiped the Gorgon Shield on her and in the description it says that protect against stone, but when I finished the trial and went fighting those birds in Mt. Orion they actually stoned Stella... :S
  4. [d]No, there's some kind of ice stone in the way to Ashera's Tomb from the cave, it isn't called stone, and I can't remember the real name. I remember getting and ice cube from it to repair that sword station in Dire Woods...[/d] lol, now I already did a little explanation...
  5. You need to find an ice stone ( don't know how to call it), there's an entrace near it that leads you to the right way.
  6. Try looking in a big house in Veldarah, near the Academy
  7. Try looking in the shops in Ghed'ahre. Hmm, and I believe you can get the mask before and after Demon Realm... :S
  8. Try looking the southwest house in the city/town. There's someone who can give you a key.
  9. @Luth: OK, thanks for the tip Both siggies are nice, but I prefer the second/new one.
  10. Myrica Ifusion (is that right?) or Level Egg.
  11. In the storyline no. It just changes your award when you finish the quest. If you give it to the red queen, you'll be able to get the blue chest and if you give it to the blue queen, you'll get the red one.
  12. @Queen: You must reach Sheian Lyr and do some sidequest there. They'll eventually open the way to the flames.
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