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  1. I believe timeline wise it's supposed to be ~1000 years before Zorom resurrects Ahriman, right? How about this for evil plot of doom idea: Agas learns about Ahriman's existence, and bits and pieces about Ahriman that make him seem benevolent. (Or Agas believes Ahriman will help him further his own goals if he's a bad guy) Agas decides to resurrect Ahriman, and goes to collect keys to the ritual (essentially a bunch of McGuffins) On the way, he meets someone who is also interested in Ahirman's resurrection(possibly an ancestor of Zorom)--This person either becomes a party member or better yet a recurring NPC character who helps out at times. By the time Agas finds the last piece, he realizes Ahriman is actually bad (or his resurrection is bad for Agas any way)... but the stranger/Zorom's ancestor steals the ritual. Agas now has to find this person and stop the ritual, before Ahriman can be summoned. and in one of the endings, it is revealed that this person had a secret journal that Zorom found 1k years later and used to learn how to summon ahriman --- Now, I realize there's not a lot of "maybe's" in what I just wrote, but just pretend they're sprinkled all over-- it's your story after all, this is just one suggestion on what you could do with it.
  2. If it seems like Ean has no personality to speak of, maybe that's his personality. I mean, I'm sure everyone here has at some point met someone irl who does everything s/he can to not be noticed because as they say, "The nail that sticks up gets hammered down." You probably just don't remember that person. And if it seems like the story is more about Lya than Ean, remember it's told from his point of view so he probably thinks she's more important than himself. And he's a lot more sincere about it than those (relatively speaking) showboating types you usually see in games/movies. Or maybe he's just supposed to be man-Bella.
  3. If the original main quest doesn't work as a main quest, why not break it apart into a bunch of side-quests? It's a place to start anyway. maybe the Daevas still have some sort of partial telepathic link to him so he knows what they want him to do (but he still doesn't know why) and the player can choose whether to help their plans along or make them fail, or just ignore them. --and depending on how complicated you're willing to let it get, these choices can cause some of the Daevas to turn against each other for a couple hundred years.
  4. http://www.succeedsocially.com/ just gonna throw this out there, that site has loads of free information on getting over social difficulties if you're willing to step out of your comfort zone just a little bit. I've heard it said that the best way to get over a woman is to go meet ten other women. =P
  5. do you have a link? I can't seem to find much of anything about that on google. (but maybe I just didn't search the right words)
  6. I visited my aunt in Europe one summer, and we went to a Rolling Stones concert in Montenegro. On the bus from her flat to the town where the concert was, she had an argument with a Russian boy. She spoke a mix of what are now called Serbian, Bosniak, and Croatian (though the languages were distinct even back in the day, they were practically interchangeable before the war drove everyone apart) Later that day, she (successfully) haggled with a guy selling merchandise, who only spoke Mexican Spanish, and she was speaking in Italian. The thing is, she lives in Switzerland (the flat was for vacations mostly) and is very fluent in both of those languages and that's why she was able to do that. I believe you can do the same thing with the first three on your list (that you mentioned were mutually intelligible), but only if you actually get a chance to live in that country and get used to communicating in that language.
  7. oo a debate topic! I wonder if this should be turned into its own thread though... Well, with regard to biology/evolution, it seems to me with how hard the food industry works to keep us ingesting addictive poisons (ie HFCS) we will eventually eschew the need to eat and become reliant on a form of chlorophyll that, instead of reacting to sunlight, will be based on temperature. Or maybe artificial lighting. Oh, and we'll be immune to cancer and AIDS, since modern medicine fails at healing these things and scoffs at the folk remedies some of which actually work. Hooray for pure speculation! this is how [d]most[/d] some science gets started. :Tongue: Also, Those people (who have kids by the barrelfull) also tend to live in conditions/areas where most of their kids are going to die or go to prison before the age of 25
  8. Congratulations! I do hope there's more pictures.
  9. oh I guess I should explain why I suddenly haven't posted a character... Turns out I fail at making RP characters that can do what I want them to that are still balanced. =/ I wonder if there's a workshop for this sort of thing...
  10. KTC: could be that just because one instinct (reproduction-ish) is missing the others aren't. Then again, it's been fairly well established that it's impossible to change a decision if you've based your identity around it... And since any homosexual progress organization encourages that (It was so officially a couple decades ago, nowadays it's become cultural) there may be no explanation of homosexuality or the nonexistence thereof since all attempts at that ignore one of the most important logical/scientific principles, Occam's razor. tl;dr: All theories on the subject are wrong, no matter what they say, because their methodology/reasoning is flawed. People are just too heated on the subject. Agreed All love is is people playing with each others feelings... at least initially, until the game went horribly out of control so now neither person has a choice but to keep making the other person want him/her / happy. Unless one/both choose(s) to destroy each other and him/her self/selves by destroying the feeling/quitting.
  11. Well I think we had a few wild ones outside but I hadn't seen them in a while since I wasn't walking around outside in the early morning/late night as much any more. My current place only has squirrels.
  12. I wish I had pictures of the rabbit that took up residence in my kitchen. Unfortunately I moved mere days before this thread came up... and I didn't think to take pictures b/c it's my friend's rabbit... we even had makeshift doggy doors to keep her in until she got old enough. (edit: Would that still have counted? I just remembered there's also a pet thread)
  13. IMO, the most important thing is that it's fun to play. If I want a good story, I'll go read a book and if I want graphics, I'll go watch a movie. Even giants like Super Mario made his fame without good graphics or music, and with little more story than "The princess is missing. go fetch!" because playing was engaging and fun. Of course, it's probably better to not have that stuff be glaringly horrible either. =P
  14. Are you talking about Hadopi? I'm not too familiar with French law, so correct me if I'm wrong because as I understand it it doesn't quite cover all of the provisions of ACTA yet. Anyway the countries I'd be most concerned about adopting a pro-censoring policy would be the US and Sweden, because that's where most of the more global free information sites are I think. (like Wikipedia, Wikileaks, etc.) also,
  15. um... guys? "A signing ceremony was held on 1 October 2011 in Tokyo, with the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea signing the treaty." That's from wikipedia's very dated article on the subject. =P
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