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  1. I am a late commenter on this, but whatever Blurble, this story is pure freaking AWESOME. Rhen/Lars is my favorite Aveyond couple of ever, and . . . Wow. Just wow. So now I'm gonna put my thoughts here: 1) Lars is so jerk-y awesome amazing EEK! I like him double much after reading this :3 2) Aww, Rhen is so . . . Cute? I say that for lack of a better word XD 3) I like your OCs. Especially Neya ("I take full credit for this" = ) 4) This makes me want to write something R/L, but I am idea-less. 5) Again, this is so awesome!!! :love: Okay . . . Yeah. I love this. I just read it all the way through. For a second time. (last time was April). It's just as great the second time. I am sick in bed right now, so thanks for distracting me from my gross coughing for a while Ari is done gushing now.
  2. Hercules darkling = dead end. However, this does not. ===== Mel inhaled sharply as her personal lady’s maid tightened her corset. “Why does this have to be so tight?” Mel asked the woman. “It gives you a better figure, m’lady,” the maid answered politely, yanking the complicated straps on the back of the garment. “At least it’s only for one day,” Mel sighed. “Oh, no, m’lady. Once you’re queen you’ll be wearing one of these EVERY day. But don’t worry – I’ll be here to assist you in dressing.” Mel watched her eyes widen in the mirror. Nobles were ridiculous! How hard is it to dress yourself? She’d have to change this once she was . . . queen . . . ===== Edward stood in front of the full-body mirror and adjusted his red and gold robe. He frowned. He looked so . . . fancy. “You look well, m’lord,” Edward’s servant informed him with a bow. Edward nodded in response, but he wasn’t paying attention. What was that sound in the hallway? It sounded like high heels tapping down the hallway. Who could that be? ===== Mel suddenly realized why there was a woman helping her. Between all the silk, embroidery, and bows the wedding dress had to weigh over fifteen pounds. It was a struggle to put on. “Would you remove your bow, m’lady?” the maid asked. “No! Um, I mean no thanks. I’ll keep it on,” Mel responded. “As you wish.” As the maid left, another woman entered. She walked with the dignified air of a noble, and though she was a few inches shorter than Mel, she seemed to look down on her. The woman’s green hair was in two twists on the side of her head. And why was she wearing a replica of Mel’s wedding dress . . . ? “Good evening,” Lydia said calmly. “You look disastrous.” Mel nodded her head towards Lydia. “No more than you do.” Lydia smiled pleasantly in response. “I was just coming to congratulate you on your wedding. You know, I heard Lady Amelia say-” “Okay,” Mel interrupted. “What do you want with me?” ===== Edward stood in the hallway, tapping his feet nervously. The chancellor had informed him that Mel was taking a while to come out of her room. He hoped nothing had gone wrong. ===== A perfect image of herself grinned at Mel. “How – what? Lydia?” Mel sputtered. “Yes, rat!” Lydia clapped her hands in delight. “Time to take a rest.” Lydia – or was that another Mel? – clamped her hands around Mel’s shoulders and steered her towards a wardrobe. Mel was so stunned she couldn’t resist when Lydia pushed her in and locked the cabinet from the outside. “I’ll see you again when I’m married!” Lydia called. ===== “Your bride is here. We are ready to begin the ceremony,” the chancellor told Edward. He mumbled something in answer. This was it. He was getting married. He was directed towards the altar, where he stood in wait for his bride. ===== Mel swore under her breath. When had Lydia learned that spell? And more importantly, why was there a lock on her wardrobe? It was as if everyone expected someone to steal the queen’s dresses . . . Luckily, Mel’s time as a thief had paid off. She removed one of the pins from her dress and inserted into the lock. She jiggled it around until something clicked. Mel grinned. Maybe she WASN’T too late to stop her wedding. Wow. That was weird. The full extent of what Lydia was about to do sunk in. Mel needed to stop this wedding. ===== Mel ran her fingers through her hair while the chancellor spoke about love. “What’s wrong?” Edward whispered. “I hate her – erm, MY hair,” Mel hissed back “Okay . . . but just think, soon we’ll be married!” Edward whispered, trying to make Mel feel better. It worked a little too well. She grinned back at him insanely, a kind of evil gleam in her eyes. “Yes!” she said triumphantly. “Then I will be queen.” ===== Mel had slipped of the heavy wedding dress and was running along the corridors in just the slip that went under the gown. The stupid corset was making it hard to breathe. She took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in the kitchens. Her face grew warm. “Sorry, sorry,” she muttered, dashing out of the room. She took ANOTHER wrong turn and ended up in the castle dungeon. Her eyes widened and she abruptly turned around. Why did the castle have to be so huge? ===== “Edward Pendragon, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?” “I do.” “Mel . . . um, what’s your last name, dear?” “Darkthrop,” Mel answered. “No, you’re REAL last name, dear,” the chancellor said. “Darkthrop.” “Erm, Mel, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?” “I do.” ===== Mel recognized this part of the castle! The room she was looking for was right around the corner! She grabbed fistfuls of her skirt and yanked it up. She sprinted awkwardly towards the doors. She yanked them open just in time to see Edward kissing Lydia. ===== Edward was the first to see another Mel standing at the doors. He pushed the woman in front of him away. “Mel?” “Edward, how dare you!” the new Mel shrieked. “Do you have any idea who that is?” The room was bathed in a bright light, then Lydia was standing next to him. ===== “Lydia?” Edward gasped, stepping back. “Yes, it’s Lydia!” Mel screamed. “Now you’ve gone and married HER, and your whole precious kingdom will fall into her hands, so you had better go and apologize to all those good citizens out there for practically ruining their lives! And you and me – ” “Mel! Slow down! Explain,” Edward demanded. Mel sighed and explained the whole situation. She watched Edward’s face drop. “Mel . . .” he whispered. “I’m so sorry.” “Saying ‘sorry’ won’t help anything now,” Mel said hoarsely. “Goodbye, Edward.” With that, she stormed out of the palace. ===== “This HAS to be illegal,” Edward protested to the chancellor. “I’m sorry, Prince Edward,” the chancellor said with a shake of his head. “It is a perfectly legal marriage. Lydia Rupert – erm, Pendragon – is now your wife.” Lydia grinned. “Yes, HUSBAND,” Lydia said with a smile. “I am your wife. And there is nothing – absolutely nothing – that you can do about it.” ===== Dunno why I wrote that. But I did, so there.
  3. Those are very good! I like them a lot! Like d_a said, Elini looks wild. Nice
  4. Oh my goshness it's an update! Yay! I really wish I had something better to say than just "this is awesome", but that about sums it up... I like all the gender bent characters sooo much (I'm squealing with joy at Lara the while time through). And I accidentally skipped the part where you explained that Renn went outside . . . I thought he was inside until I realized I missed a spot. Oops
  5. @Indra: Lol. Sounds like my teacher. Thanks for the support! @asunmo: Aww, thanks! :oops: that's very nice of you! I'm thinking if writing something about Hercules the darkling next XD I don't know why . . .
  6. This is the thread where I will dump all my Aveyond related stuff. I write because it's fun, not because I have some kind of talent. I'm just your average seventh grade trying to write something good Let's start with a little Mel/Edward (Melward. Hehe). ===== Mel had no clue what possessed her to say yes. While she was living in Harburg, she never thought she be engaged, and the thought of being engaged to a NOBLE was even more unimaginable. And yet here she was, saying yes to Edward’s proposal. ----- Edward was not expecting that answer. He knew how Mel despised nobles. She looked down on them as a noble would … well, look down on her. When Mel found out who Edward really was, he thought she would never speak with him again. And yet here she was, saying yes to Edward’s proposal. ----- The moment she heard Lydia’s shriek, Mel knew she made the right decision. The high pitched sound echoed throughout the party’s mansion, which delighted Mel in ways she couldn’t even express. “You . . . you rat!” Lydia snarled. “You stole the prince from me! You’re nothing but a filthy street rat!” Mel simply looked at her. “What can I say?” she asked, smiling pleasantly. “I love him.” “You . . . you . . . RAT!” Lydia screeched, storming off to go stare at one of her many gowns. ----- Stella had been right next to the couple when Edward had asked Mel to marry him. Edward could tell by her beaming face that she couldn’t be happier for the two of them. “Oh, Edward,” Stella had told him afterwards, “I just KNEW you two would end up together. I could see it from the very start! Many congratulations to you. Oh, I can’t wait for the wedding!” “That’s great Stella . . .” Edward mumbled back. He hated all her mushy crap. ----- “I can still remember my wedding day,” Galahad commented to Mel. “You can?” she asked doubtfully. “That was more than five hundred years ago. Are you sure?” “Yes. That evil creature stole my soul in a pendant. Why did Rhen buy it for her in that stupid necromancer’s shop? She used it on me, and she stole my soul. I am bound to her as she is my maker . . .” Mel slowly inched away. She had no idea what Galahad was rambling about. ---- “You Pendragons multiply like mice,” Te’ijal informed Edward. He turned red. “What do you mean?” “You know what I mean,” the vampire told him. “You’re family has a lot of children. It sickens me.” “Uh . . . okay.” Edward was always uncomfortable around the woman. If he made her mad even for a second she could bite him and transform him into a creature of the night. That didn’t sound too fun. ----- “Congratulations are in order, you two!” Ulf exclaimed, showing all his teeth in a wide grin. It was rather scary. “Thanks,” Edward and Mel replied simultaneously. “In the orc kingdom, marriage isn’t like it is here. There’s no love involved. The strongest orcs just see each other and decide to get married!” Ulf burst out laughing, tears rolling from his eyes. “It’s such a ridiculous process!” “Am I missing something?” Mel asked. “I don’t see what’s so funny . . .” “Don’t worry,” Edward murmured back. “I don’t either.” ----- “Son, have you found a bride?” “Yes, Mother. That’s why I came,” Edward told the queen. “Ooh! Who’s the lucky girl?” “Mel.” The queen stiffened. Her back became rigid as she studied Mel. “A commoner? Edward, are you certain you aren’t … hysterical? Delusional? Do you really love her?” “Yes, Mother! If I didn’t why would I marry her?” “If you are sure . . .” the queen said hesitantly. “Mother. I’m sure.” ----- The rest of the day was wasted. Mel’s soon-to-be-mother-in-law gave them a whole floor of the palace. Lydia took great satisfaction in choosing the most spacious room for her gowns, and Te’ijal located a room without a mirror. “I guess that leaves us here . . .” Edward commented. He and Mel were standing in the doorway of the only bedroom with a king sized bed. “Oh Goddess, don’t tell me we have to share a bed.” “We are engaged you know … it won’t kill you to sleep in the same bed as me ONCE before we go back out to find the orb.” “Okay, okay,” Mel said defensively. “It’s just … this whole ‘marriage’ thing is all starting to sink in.” “This whole ‘marriage thing’? Mel, if you didn’t want to marry me than you could have just SAID IT!” “I do want to marry you …” she muttered. “Just not anytime too soon.” ===== I have no idea where I was going with that :S Why am I writing Mel and Ed stuff when I think he should end up with Stella? Here's why: my theory is that Edward liked Mel first, but later realized that she was not the girl for him (nice choice Edward XD) so that's why. Gah I hate this story so much >_< why do I even post it? I dunno . . . Please comment. Constructive comments are always appreciated by me! Also when I can't sleep I wrote, so there'll be more.
  7. It does. I enjoy descriptions in stories and books. Even though I've played the game and I know what the places look like, I like it a lot. Descriptions just add . . . Something. I don't like when a book has just action after action. It gets old.
  8. Okay. I always mean to comment on this but then I never do. Sorry, I'm just that kind of person. This is really good! I especially liked the description of the Elder Oak. It was . . . What's the word I'm looking for. [d]Cool? Neat? Poetic?[/d] . . . I can't think of it. I'm just going to say it gave me a very nice visualization. Keep it up!
  9. Aww snap. Oh well . . . That would have been funny though. Anyways, good game!
  10. Ari~

    My Art and Pictures

    Ah that's alright. Yeah, I just found some picture online and drew from it. Thanks again though
  11. Ari~

    My Art and Pictures

    Thanks! But about the toucan . . . http://i.imgur.com/DP5yD4p.jpg[/img] I couldn't find the original picture I looked at while drawing, but this one has blue on it.
  12. Ari~

    My Art and Pictures

    I just finished this (it took me SO long . . . gah!) http://i.imgur.com/DVN20uh.jpg[/img] And here's something from about a year ago. It's on a tiny canvas. http://i.imgur.com/mz7ocBE.jpg[/img] Crappy quality because of phone. Bleah.
  13. Yes! Update! *insane happy dance* I didn't comment the first time I read so I will now! Okay, first of all, I love girl Dameon ~ hair swept to the side is so great If I tried to write something 'genderbent' like this I would get so confused . . . Anyways, good job!
  14. I think this goes here, but I'm not sure. Move it if I'm wrong. I'm replaying AP now, and today I opened my menu and there was Devin's sprite When I moved the arrow keys, Devin walked around! I could click on my items and everything, and there he was! http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/7519/devinm.png[/img] I just thought that was interesting.
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