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    Wow. I've been gone for a whole month. Anyway, here the next chapter, also soon up some Teijal (is that spelled right?)in. Anyway enjoy! chapter 3 A wild bird-thing ran straight towards Luke, head on, its horn sharp with poison. The bird shrill cry was on it throat, ready for another meal. As soon as the bird was just in the cry reach, Luke turns swiftly and throws a dagger. The dagger goes straight into the birds heart. It collapse a few feet from Luke. Luke yanks the dagger and slowly takes the horn from the body. As soon as he put it in his bag, he raised his hand and chants. The birds body slowly glows and turns to dust. Luke walked away towards the colorful, noisy, and dangerous port. ____________________ "Wonders of the world, wonders of the world, only a hundred gold pieces each!" "Peaches, cheese, and ice! Come, get your girl some ice!" "Wolf heads from the forest, only twenty-one left! Five hundred gold each." "Weapons, get your weapons to hunt for the Beasts!" These are the things Luke heard as he head to port. Merchants all around trying to sell people there wares. As soon as Luke got to town he selled all the horns in his bag from the birds and searched for a ship. Many people offered to leave, but he did not have enough gold. Suddenly he saw a sign that said help wanted. "I think I found my ship," said Luke. _________________ As Luke came out of his cabin he wore an unusual outfit. He was wearing pants that were red, orange and yellow. They wear glittery and had pieces draping free. His tunic looked like red and yellow sand. He wore a vest very like his pants and wore a flame like cloth on his head. But was most unusual about his costume was one his shoulder. A Phoenix. As the music began, Luke got ready. He climbed the ladder, which was over thirty feet high. Luke grasps the mettle bar that was pulled towards him. As soon as the drums started he jumps. The Crowd screams as a young boy jumps holding a mettle bar like swinging. They screamed as he lets go of the bar and launches himself in air. They sigh with relief as he lands on a wooden bar, standing so still, you would have thought he was a statue. He leaned back and fell. Suddenly a giant orange bird flew by and grasp his shoulders. The crowd went ohhh and ahhhhh as the Phoenix flinged him up. He grabs the swings and swing like he was magical creature. Some thought he was. They looked majestic together. The performance ends with the Phoenix spreading out to its fire span and the boy balancing on a rope that only had a hole for his big toe.The crowd loved it. Please review, and point out any mistakes.
  2. @Pink Lots of people read your story! Your just doubting yourself. Some times people don't want to post because they run out of things to say( or write) and don't want to spam. Any way, can not wait for the next chpter.
  3. dad0303


    Thanks avey! Here is the new chapter! Chapter 2 The rosters crowed signaling everyone it was day. Luke woke up and yawned. He was surprised to find himself in a strange room, but then the memories about last night came back. As he got up he slipped his cloak he looked in the mirror. He took some dirt from the floor boards and smeared it around his face. The he made sure he could not see his face. As Luke went to the main lobby, loud voices could be heard. Luke paused as one floated in his hidden ears. "I'm telling you, there ain't nothing you can do to make me go in that demon forest again! You see the wolves, they attacked my dogs! Anyone would of count it as bad luck. I almost did. But then you know what?"Luke walked closer and waited. The burly man then said in a slightly hushed tone, " They were huntin somethin. If I were you, I'd head to Hargburg with me." The burly man leaned back. A little too back.Crash! The burly man was on the filthy floors. Chourses of laughter went around. Luke quickly and quietly gave his key to the man at the desk. The sunshine blinded him at first, but he then got used to it. He looked around. Wheres Hargburg? ________________________ After asking all the people he could find he found out that Harburg was on a different island. He'd have to travel to port, find a ferry, and then continue on foot the rest of the way. But first he would have to get past all the monsters and animals. He didn't know how to fight or had any weapons. But luckily a retired veteran taught him how to fight and gave him weapons. Luke slowly headed down the path next to the sign that says "Port this way." Terror filled him more every step as he headed down the path. He hope he'll make it to the port by night. Or be alive by dawn. ___________________ Ok, just for you to know, I'll try and post one chapter every day, and please commint!
  4. dad0303


    @Avey, and Mel: mabye, or some one else, but anyway heres chapter 1 Chapter 1 In the hungry boar inn, the girl at the counter was waiting for her shift to be over. Suddenly a young boy bursts in. The girl surveys the young boy. He looks thirteen or fourteen with a brown cloak over him. The girl sighs. As she tosses a room key to the boy she says "Room twenty-five. Don't worry, there is medicine in there. Just don't come out till morning unless you want to be bait again." The boy looked startled as he catches the key. "What, um, thank you." He seemed to have cation.Good trait here she thought as she picks up her paper. ___________________ The boy as soon as he get in his room is look the door and windows'. As soon as that was done, he tore off his cloak and flops on the bed. In the lanterns yellow glow his face is shown. His skin is slightly tan and is smooth. His lips and nose are those coveted by princes everywhere. As he flutters he eyes the light shines on the sea green eyes. He slowly get up and tries to bandage his foot. He ends up tangling himself on the floor. Moaning, he gets unwrapped. The boy thinks. He dose not want the girl to see his face. That is too risky. Then an idea pops in his head. Chanting slowly his foot heals. As he checks it a weariness comes over him. He smiles. As he slowly falls asleep he looks at the inscription on the locket around his neck. He dreams of the place he just escaped. The lantern glints on the inscription on the locket. Luke, the artist, son of Maria Ly, Healer. Will never forget Lyli. _____________________________ well, please commant and tell me any of my grammer mistakes. I only started writing and need help with grammer.
  5. dad0303


    First story/fan fic ever made so be kind be straight! Story takes place a year before Lot. Prologue The forest was silent. Nothing was moving. Everything was in place. Suddenly a young boy burst thought the bushes. He ran as fast as he could. He leaped over gigantic roots and ducked under branches. To the rabbit he looked like a predator chasing his target, but the owl knew better. As she flew way above the forest she could make out animals. They were on the hunt for the boy. As the boy ran he heard the howling. He ran faster and faster until he was at his limits. He tried to get up but could not. As he quickly crawls to get out of the forest he knows he was too late. The howls grow more and more ferocious until a scream ripples. The owl whoed quietly as she thinks. Another one did not make it.Thunder clap and rain falls. Mother Nature weeps, for another is gone.
  6. Awsome! This story is realy by the book/game!
  7. @ Watershine: You might be able to get the upper hand if shes calling you names,by useing other meaning,Or just not acknowladge her, like shes invisable.Or just tell her right in the face that you don't like it. And if any of those dosen't work, just act like you don't care or don't know whats happening. Trust me it works.
  8. OMG! This is awsome! I can not wait for the next chapter, or picture.
  9. Wow! This is amazing! Night Melody I can wait for the comic. Also the regualer Aerongoth hasn't made any snazzy comments.
  10. Lisa looked at the cat and muttered something about too many milkshakes.She carefully looked around at the mess that happened. She was sure that 15 dollers woundn't cover this mess. She then ran out the hole. WHACK!Lisa got thrown against the meatle door. "What?" Lisa then ran out the hole again and got thrown again.Finally after five throws, Lisa grabbed what was throwing her. "No WAY!" Lisa cried as she found out that there was a vine thingie in the parking lot.Nor did she mind when she got thrown across the parking lot and into a tree.
  11. Awsome story! Ifell off my bed laughing.
  12. Lisa quickly ran and looked for a bandanna from the store rack. Lisa then took a book which she was going to buy, but might as well use."How to esacpe from a locked bookstore with heavy gas filling the air." Lisa chuckled.As she turned to the summery page read it quikly and began. first she took a shelf and wegded it under the door. Then shedid a lot of random thing that the book said to do, like hit the door with a rubber chicken. Then, as Lisa raced past the meatle gate she heard a large crash. Lisa jumpped. As Lisa opened her eyes she found out she got stuck a meatle hook. "PIZZA!" she cried to the heavens.
  13. Wow! Alot has happen while I took a vaction. Man I can wait to se what happens next!
  14. Lisa, was in a Book store when a huge buzzing went off. Then teriffied screams ripped the air as the people in the store ran out. 'This book is a wonder! I can acualy hear what happening!' Lisa the heard the light suddenly turn off and heard a something grinding. "NO!" Lisa yelled as she flung herself at the door.Once again, Lisa was looked in a book store.
  15. Lisa heard a sceam as she looked down. She thought she heard avey scream but all she saw was a wierd black thing on the ground." Man I wish I had my glasses," Lisa mumbled to herselve
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