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  1. Hm, I just took a look and it's a big mess. Fast random chatting without much substance. Not the right format for me, I guess one of the things I like about forums in general is that they aren't so fast.
  2. Hello and welcome back I have been around since 2005 on the old forums, but it's very different on these new forums now. I kind of miss the old times too.
  3. Luz_Melian

    Hi! Again!

    Hello and welcome to the ghost town XD I do remember you of course 😘
  4. Hello! It's a pity that you hadn't joined earlier, as it looks like the golden era of these games as well as the forums is long gone. But it's always nice to meet more people who love them. It's not easy to find games in a similar style. Lately I've been playing "I am Setsuna" (it's available for PC on Steam) and Final Fantasy remakes on my tablet.
  5. I remember the devas fan art and also some alternative Aveyond cover art you made, I think one of them was with Yemite (and now I see they're also here on the first page!). Great style, I have always enjoyed it also when you were posting them on the old forum. 😃
  6. mug sweet snacks or salty snacks?
  7. I love the dance image, so beautiful! And also the cute style couples And I like your reflections about Rhen. I have seen people complain that there weren't enough interactions in the game to justify that they get married. And it's true that it would have been nice to include more of that. I don't remember the game so well, but I remember in the end Rhen has the choice of becoming a queen in a foreign country and that she tells Dameon something like "with you I will go"? So there must have been love, but we haven't seen much of how it developed and that made people confused because they expected Rhen to be with Lars. But I've always found Lars rather immature for a marriage yet, and not sure that he could be of such support emotionally that Rhen needs.
  8. Wow, Mu11berry! I came here after a long time and started looking at your art and it's so beautiful and awakens memories and nostalgia of the games. So sweet. I'm in love with the Myst portrait (page 9)! And also love to see Rhen & Dameon art, I understand and appreciate this couple but it seems a lot of people don't.
  9. Socks on hands seems easier to use reading on a tablet or ebook reader?
  10. It was my first RPG, so it is special to me! It all felt so amazing and enchanting, the world, music, fantasy story. And even though I don't have it on my PC anymore, I have found out that it's now available also for mobile devices, so I would like to re-play it yet once again, this time on my tablet. I have to say the Aveyond games were more enjoyable to me though, especially because of better graphics, better battle system and overall being more professional.
  11. Hello, how is it going? Any idea of when it could be done?
  12. Now Clubs are something else than guilds on the old site, aren't they? As it seems that here it's possible to be in more than one club. Btw I sent a request for the School of war and magick but still waiting...
  13. So I suppose you have played all of the Aveyond series and Ahriman' Prohpecy? For me these are my favorites. Admittedly I haven't played many games in my life. I also really like: Everlong, a free classic RPG for computers, it's really long (I think at least 100 hours) and the world is huge, though not entirely original (it uses a lot of elements from Final Fantasy), but still enjoyable to me. And another one that I like to come back to and replay at times is Sailor Moon - the Moon Child, inspired by the anime a lot with some original elements. Another one is called Dark Eternal, which can be found on a site called Zenosoft. I like the graphics and battles style, the story is interesting, and there's good music, overall it was a great experience for me! However, after I tried playing the sequel game, I didn't get far, first because of some glitches/technical issues, and later because there was a boss battle where it was impossible to win and I didn't manage to find any help on the net. (I made a topic about them here. ) I recall there used to be a long discussion on the DE games on the old Amaranthia forums and there were a few people playing and discussing it, but here noone is interested any more Still although there's the trouble with the DE2 game, I would recommend DE1. I've played some more shorter, free RPGs, but they weren't so memorable for me. And recently I have played a remake of Final Fantasy IV on a tablet and was pleasantly surprised that also on a mobile device it can be an enjoyable experience; I am interested to maybe play some more of the series that are there in the mobile version, eventually.
  14. I don't have them often but I prefer thin ones. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
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