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  1. I was confused by your calling it "old old." The "old old" site was cream-colored. XD
  2. Sorry, Hui. When I start to feel like coming here is a duty rather than a pleasure, I know it's time for me to take a little break, even though I know I will miss talking to everyone. :/
  3. Mods, please leave these double posts as a reminder of the kind of behavior we have been talking about. :/ Thank you.
  4. Maren


    So, this was just supposed to be a general topic of conversation? It wasn't prompted by any incidents in particular? It just seemed from your phrasing in your initial post that you had witnessed this and were trying to clue someone in... @_@ If it's just a general topic, then I have a story: When I was in high school, I took a creative writing class. We had a LOT of assignments in there, including a daily journal entry and several poems a week, as well as assorted other assignments (stories, projects, etc.). Every month, we each selected one poem to be published in our class magazine which was sold to the student body for 25ยข a copy. The point is, we had a fairly large amount of classwork for an elective class, and most of it required a fair amount of creativity or inspiration. One of the girls in my class was an incredibly talented artist, actress, musician, and writer. In fact, she was one of the most talented people in our school. We all admired her and thought she was really cool, and we loved her poetry, which always seemed so much better than our own. One month, it was time to submit our poems for the magazine. The poems were supposed to be typed, but she had forgotten hers, so she wrote one out by hand on the spot, and our teacher let her submit it rather than leaving her out of that month's publication. It was one of the best poems I had ever read. Everyone else agreed that it was excellent. We put it in the magazine and distributed it around the school. A few years later, I just happened to find this poem on-line where it had been published under another author's name. I was heartbroken. We had admired the girl so much; we had heaped praise upon her. I was so impressed with her poem that I had kept a copy and I still wished I could write so well... And all that time, she'd been a fraud.
  5. @Luz: That doesn't make sense, because they were on different dates. :/ The topic was semi-dead until her second post bumped it. Everyone will have to pardon me for my suspicions. I saw this kind of behavior a lot in the old days. ;
  6. Krishna, Hui already said she was sorry for misunderstanding. If you really think we should all take things positively rather than negatively, then you should accept her apology and let the matter drop.
  7. I am sorry...because this is ridiculous. You double-posted to ask that a post be deleted, thereby causing another post to need to be deleted. You have been here for several weeks now, and you should know the rules.
  8. Hui, you're not flaming anyone by what you are saying. There has been a rash of spam lately, and though you have been admonishing people, everything you've said has been true and phrased politely. BTW, for people who don't know Hui well, the very fact that she is getting so upset is a sign that the spam is egregious right now. She is normally very sweet and passive in her posting.
  9. Maren


    It's possible that the mods haven't realized which work is original and which is plagiarized. If you know for a fact that something is not an original work and has been posted as such (in a contest or the collegium, especially), contact a mod or admin and let them know. lol, I hope you're not talking about things in our cottages or signatures--obviously most of us have used other people's art in those!
  10. Soloaris is right. The point is to have fun and talk with people...not to spam your way into a guild as quickly as possible.
  11. That has always happened with AP; it's a limitation of the game engine. Rm2k3 can only process so much code at a time, and AP is an incredibly complex game--more complex than that engine can handle at times. That's why you get weird lag and weird delays of monsters hitting you. If you don't intend to engage in battle with an enemy, make sure to circle around it as widely as possible so that it doesn't have a chance to hit you.
  12. lol It's not Kings, and it's no one connected with W&W. Sierra had just been guilded before I left. I remember him and liked him, but I wouldn't call him a "close" friend. I'm not trying to be mysterious. :Tongue: I posted here so that he would see it and know I am glad he's back, but I didn't want to make a big announcement about his return--that's for him to do if he wishes.
  13. Well, speaking personally, one of my old and dear friends just rejoined, and I'm looking forward to seeing him around. (Don't get too excited, W&W--I'm not talking about Vlad or Klep.)
  14. LonelyAngel, that is spam. >_< Please do not post replies that have no content.
  15. It needs to be merged, and yes, they are exactly the same. The other topic was just called "dreams," but it got confused with the actual nighttime dreams topic, so LonelyAngel changed the title. JamiSings, if you read back through that topic, you'll see that there's a mix of actual goals and the kind of dreams that you're talking about.
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