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  1. Thanks for the info but I already found the way out of the well, quite by accident!
  2. In the place where the curse was eaten by Ymette.
  3. I can't find the way out of the Thornkeep well, even though I have a color map printout, please help.
  4. Where are the druids I have to find?
  5. Awhile ago I was playing the game, and had to exit it, but when I re-opened it and tried to load it again, it wouldn't cause it froze. I tried restarting it but it didn't word, so I cleared it comlpetely and downloaded it again and installed it, but it still won't work. HELP!
  6. Scudder problem is solved!!
  7. Correction: I left the scudder on the island where the ale storage hut is, north of where the scudder. Sorry about error. Scudder problem is solved!! Merged posts. ~Mopiece
  8. I left the scudder on the south island of veniara island, then used a travel to Veldt, but when I used a travel rune back to veniara I landed on the isla where the pirate anf others, but can't get back to the scudder. Id there a way to get back to the scudder?
  9. I talked to her , but she only mentions about her new lamp and husband being in the Demon Mines.
  10. I've tried that but nothing happens.
  11. I haven't got the bird seed from the squrrels, because I can't pick it up yet.
  12. Yes, it's part of my quest cause I have to catch a Nightingale to get a Dragon Bridle in order to get a dragon to get to inaccesable islands by sea.
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