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  1. I recently wiped my computer but kept my Aveyond save data. I've looked through other queries similar to this but it does not seem to help. I have Build B and when I copy my Save Data over, it does not show up in game. I have reinstalled the game, not just copied it across and it is the same Build. Please help!!
  2. I left my skudder at the Peninsula dock and went to Sedona but when I went back to it, it gets stuck and I cannot enter it because it moves away from the dock. I have tried re-starting the game but it did the same thing. Can anyone help?
  3. YOUR USER NAME: Teewee55 YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME: Kirroha YOUR CHARACTER'S SEX: Female DATE YOU CREATED THIS CHARACTER: Uh. Today! YOUR CHARACTER'S CLASS/JOB: School Attendant(Pupil) YOUR CHARACTER'S SPECIES: Vampire YOUR CHARACTER'S AGE: 120 YOUR CHARACTER'S ABILITIES: a)Physical: Bite, Float b)Magical: Horrify, Death, Telepathy, Transform. c)Other: Fly, Sunscreen! YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS: Powers most powerful at night, Fly to distant places, she has a pet called "Ryuuka" (Ri-uk-ka) Ryuuka is a Small Dragon) YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: Uncontrollable Hunger of a vampire. CHARACTER WAS LAST EDITED ON: Today!
  4. Where do i find jebb!?! (sorry LaFlorida for useing your Topic)
  5. ive looked everywhere fro the star but its not there how do i get the north star??
  6. ive tried everywhere to get a dragon but i cant find it where do i get it?
  7. K thanks for quick replies im goin to the white queen!
  8. for the Maureders Diadem? WHat does each queen give you???
  9. ive found that but each chest keeps closing and i dont get a chance to look in them... P.S sorry for bugging you.
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