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  1. Help With A Couple of Locations Please

    Thank you, I was about to enter Ravwyn, I thought I missed it
  2. Help With A Couple of Locations Please

    I can't believe I missed it! It was in fact near the Vault... Thank You! Do you happen to know where to find the last Diamond for the blacksmith?
  3. Help With A Couple of Locations Please

    Please help, I'm going back and forth between Petrified Plains and Daintree Forest and I can't find the elven carvings. I've had all the mystery items I found identified in Delamere. Could anyone please tell me where it is precisely? (Sorry for my bad English)
  4. Gavin and Nicholas and Ava

    You can do both
  5. Aveyond 4 Beta Tester Sign Up Sheet

    I would love beta test Aveyond 4! I already beta tested other games for another productor, so if you want count me in!
  6. A guide to the cracks in the walls in Aveyond

    How can I get Dynamite?
  7. Demon Realm

    Oh, Thanks!!!
  8. Demon Realm

    After I gave them the golden diadem?
  9. Demon Realm

    I've found the first and the second torch, but I don't know where's the third, plus I found a cave with 2 masks on the wall and one mask missing, and another cave where I red: "I will open only with the weight of a true queen", or something like that... Is there any connection??? Please help, I'm stuck!!! Thanks!!!
  10. Help!!! Locked outside Thais.

    It Worked!!! Thanks!!!
  11. Help!!! Locked outside Thais.

    Hi! I can't enter Thais. When I enter, or use a Rune, the game shut down and tell me that there is an error: Scrip "Game_Map" Line 52 ArgumentError-Occurred. dump format error(0x0). What Should I do???
  12. Aveyond 1 Goodie

    Why don't you add to GOD Goodie all skills for Rhen??? It would be great, I would re-play the game with this goodie and I'd be veeeeery happyyyyyyyyy!!!