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  1. yay for NEVER updating. ~~~~~~~~ Shivendale Woods Iya: *singing* Walking through the forest, looking for some trolls, walking through the forest, gonna kill some trolls! La la la! Ean: Why don’t we just use your singing to kill the trolls? Ava: It makes sense. Gavin: I can sing good because I’m hot! Ava: Why don’t you go look in that river Gavin, ok? Gavin: Yay! I’m gonna look at the prettiest person in the world! Emma: Like, what’s, like, wrong with, like, him? Rye: :ill: Nicholas: look, trolls! lol Iya: Hmph! DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Troll 1: Wait, wait! We can explain! Ean: Iya, let’s listen to them… maybe they have a potholder I can have… Troll 2: Blue haired one has much weird friends. He he. Make troll laugh hard. Emma: So, like, what was it you, like, wanted to, like, tell, like, us? Troll 1: Well, um, we were, er, uh- Serendipity: What he’s trying to tell you is that I was on vacation and these guys were my bodyguards so that nobody would bug me. NOW WHADDYA WANT?!? Ava: We were wondering if you could- Gavin: Guys! Guys! I was looking at my totally hot self, when a fish jumped up and slapped me in the face! What a jerk! Rye: :offtopic:
  2. I tried! I think it's... Okay? ~~~~ By the time Ean and his entourage had arrived, the festival was in full swing. There were food carts left and right, fiddlers and flutists playing away. And the fireworks! They were purple, green, orange, every color imaginable. Going every which way, they lit up the night sky, leaving Ean in absolute awe. The streets were filled with people, and it was hard to find a person not having a good time. “Wow, Shaenlir has really changed since the last time we were here.” Ean said, as he wandered through the festive streets. The once cold and uninviting city had been transformed into a bright and welcoming city. “So, uh, what exactly is happening here?” Emma asked, rather bored. “They are all celebrating the end of the Snow Queens rule!” Iya announced, as cheerful and exuberant as ever. “That’s great, but why do we have to be here?” “Oh, Emma! You are so silly!” Iya giggled. “We were the ones who defeated the Snow Queen!” “Right… we are so amazing.” Emma said, slowly wandering off to go sulk in a corner. “Hey, Iya, have you seen Ava or Gavin?” Rye asked, appearing out of nowhere. “Er, I think the wandered off somewhere.” “Oh. Okay.” Rye said, as he meandered his way back into the crowd. He suddenly reappeared with three sticks full of meat. “Rye, what is this?” Ean asked, suspiciously nibbling at the meat. “There venison kabobs, you don’t have them in the Vale?” Rye asked. “No… But these are REALLY good!!!” Iya exclaimed, her usual self heightened by the festival’s atmosphere. As music changed to slower pace and the lights were dimmed, the dance floor was began to fill with women and men doing exotic twists and turns. Ean and Iya watched, to embarrassed to dance together. That is, until Ean felt the gentle nudge from Rye. “What?” Ean asked, aggravated by Rye’s ever confusing gestures. “Dance with her, you idiot!” Rye said, waving his hand at Iya. “Fine.” Ean slowly walked towards Iya, unsure of what would happen. “Um, Iya, will you, er, dance with me?” “Oh, Ean… Of course I’ll dance with you!” With Ean’s wish granted, the two shone on the dance floor, gathering everyone’s eyes upon them. The night had been spectacular, well, for most. Grimm’s Cottage was full of mixed feeling that night, with Iya pleading to do it again, and Emma never wanting to go to another festival again. ~~~~ This was somewhat challenging. I haven't written a serious story in a long time.
  3. ... OMG!!! I'm not dead!!! ... really needed to update this... feel free to hate me... ~~~ World Map Emma: Like, are we, like, lost, like, again? Gavin: Don’t worry, my- Ava: GAVIN JUST SHUT UP! HONESTLY, I’VE SEEN ROCKS SMARTER THAN ALL OF YOU! Well, except for Rye, he’s pretty smart… anyways, WE ARE SUPPOSED TO SAVE THE WORLD! IF I KNEW ANY BETTER I WOULD THINK YOU WERE ALL A BUNCH OF SCHOOL CHILDREN, NOT THE PEOPLE DESTINED TO SAVE AIA! I WOULD BE SCARED! AND VERYTIME IT SEEMS WE’VE FINALLY ACHIEVED SOMETHING, YOU ALL RUIN IT! AND EVERYTIME YOU GUYS DO THIS, YOU WASTE TIME! AND TIME ISN’T SOMETHING WE CAN AFFORD TO WASTE! Iya: Wasting time? Says the lady who just YELLED A MONOLOGUE! Rye: Nicholas: ikr? Ean: Look, why don’t we just walk into that small town over there and find out what were going to do next, even though I already know what we are going to do because I read the walkthrough. Verashema Elf Lady: Y'all's ain't from around here, is ya? Iya: None of your bees wax, lady! Heh... bees wax... heh... Emma: Iya, did you, like, forget your, like, medicine? Iya: ...Maybe... Elf Lady: I was just tryin' to be friendly ta y'all, hyuck hyuck! Rye: Nicholas: omg u guis!!! i found these goblins we can ttly kill!!! Iya: Kill stuff? I'M IN!!! Ean: WE CAN'T! Ava: Why not? It worked last time. Ean: Because we haven't looked at that darn cliff yet, trying to get to that abandoned city place, only to discover it's a frickin' wall of ROCK! And stupid Rye used all the dynamite. Gavin: It doesn't matter, because I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot! Ava: Gavin... don't make me get the frying pan...
  4. I liked it, it was like a poem.
  5. Aw, thanks. :loving:
  6. @CAAAAT: Thanks for all the comments.
  7. Stardale Glen Ean: Whew! We finally got somewhere! Iya: And without dying! Ean: ... Nicholas: lol Rye: Emma: There's a, like, sign up, like, ahead. Ava: Well, is anyone gonna read it? Iya: I never got past 2nd grade. Ean: A and Z confuse me. Nicholas: idk how 2 read Emma: Like, no. Gavin: I’m too hot to read. Ava: ... Rye: :taz: Iya: He's saying he can read. Ava: Rye is a mute freak, I don't think he'll be of much help. And, Iya, how can you understand Rye , but not be able to read? Iya: Ionno. Nicholas: roflol Ava: Well, I can read. Ean: Well? Ava: Well what? Ean: What does it say?!? Ava: Ooooh! It says 'Stardale Glen'. Iya: Cool. Hey, did you hear something? Ean: It must be the mirror conveniently placed in our backpack. *Ean removes mirror from bag* Mirror: Hey, guys... this is awkward... Iya: SNOW QUEEN! YOU'VE BEEN LISTENING TO EVERYTHING!!! Snow Queen: I'm just so lonely... Rye: :dual: Ava: Creeper... Gavin: I'm just soooooooooooooo hot! Emma: Like, Snow Queen or, like, whatever, go, like, away! SQ: *sniff sniff* Fine, I DON'T NEED ANY OF YOU!!! Nicholas: ppl r so weird sumtimes... Ean: Tell me about it. Iya: Everybody love my pumpernickels. World Map Ean: WE STILL DON'T HAVE A MAP! Gavin: Don't worry, my good looks will guide us too our destination. Because I'm so hot. Rye: :jester: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sorry it's so long...
  8. *triumphant music plays* Ha ha! I am not dead! ~~~~~~~~~~ World Map Ean: Y'know, in every other Aveyond game they give you a world map. But what do they give you in this one? Nada! Nilch! The Big O! Iya: And...? Ean: Are we not good enough? Do we not deserve a map? I think we do! Especially with Rye as our navigator! Rye: :guilty: Ean: And it's not like Ava is any better! And she is a pirate! Aren't pirates supposed to be good navigators, or something? Ava: About that... I have a confession to make... Emma: Like, just spit it, like, out! Ava: I'm not actually a pirate, I'm a... a... BEAUTY PAGEANT GIRL! Nicholas: lol Iya: Ok, I used to pick my nose. Ean: Iya, you still pick your nose. Iya: Oh, yeah, right. Nicholas: FAIL Emma: Shouldn't we, like, be, like, saving the, like, world or something? Rye: :laughing: Iya: Meh, it'll wait, it's not that important, right? Ava: And she's the Chosen One, eh? Nicholas: im scared...
  9. I like the plot, very original. Can't wait to play it!
  10. @CAAAAT: Why did Ava attack Emma? You'll have to find out! As for a valley girl Te'ijal, Sure!
  11. Hehehehe... another short one.... Bogwood Iya: So, uh, now we don't have to do anything about Mimsy? Nicholas: idk Ean: ...We need to go to that other elf place... Emma: Do we, like, have to? Ava: NYARGH! *attacks Emma* Rye: :thanks:
  12. Wyst


    I downloaded it, but there is no text, why? :S
  13. @Everyone: Thanks for all the nice comments! He he... I should be doing homework right now... this is gonna be really short... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bogwood Heptitus: Here, have the whatever blessing... Iya: Why are you just giving it to me? Heptitus: I just don't care anymore, what with this recession and all... No one's buying my blessings! Rye: :S Ean: THIS ISN'T IN THE WALKTHROUGH!!! Gavin: I'm so hot.
  14. Nah, its okay. Other people have borrowed my ideas before.
  15. What is this? This. Is. An Update! Yay? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bogwood Iya: Why do all of these towns for witches have the word 'wood' in them? Ean: Why do you ask so many questions? Iya:... OHMIGOSH!!!!!!! Nicholas: ??? Iya: Can we pweez stay in that inn, pweez? Emma: But don't you, like, own a, like, farm where you can, like, sleep? *flashback* Iya: Ean, buy the farm NOW! *Un-flashback* Iya: Your point? Emma: ... like... Ava: Arr, let the girl have some fun, arr. Ean: FINE! BUT I'M NOT GONNA LIKE IT! Rye: :party: The Inn in Bogwood Emma: Like, why are the beds, like, tattered? Gavin: Because I have slept on them. Iya: Ew... Gavin: Women love me. They fight over anything I've touched. *flashes rather toothy smile* Nicholas: lol Gavin: Excuse me? Nicholas: lol Gavin: What does that mean? Iya: Laugh out Loud, duh! And how on Aia do people think your hot? Gavin: Ionno. Iya: You look like that creepy Cal guy from Titanic. Emma: That movie was, like, so amazing. Nicholas: ikr? Iya: Wheres Ean? *sees Ean sleeping on table* Iya: Oh. Rye: :facepalm:
  16. I personally wouldn't get one, but I think some people use them to express themselves. I think there fine, though to many, at least to me, can make one look rather unappealing.
  17. The Evil Inside Us Dustin is an ordinary boy growing up in a small farming village. Or so he thinks. When his mother asks him to go get water from the well, he meets a most interesting character. Death. Death informs him that he is the Death God, and that now he must fulfill his destiny by 'saving' the world. Features Plot driven Story Humor Secret Locations On Screen Monsters Numerous side quests Billions of awkward situations... Characters Dustin Age: 17 Dustin is a 17 year old boy. He is very hard working and generous. He also happens to be the god of Death. Death Age: Really old (appears 17 or so) Death is the Goddess of Death and Life, though she prefers Death. Death is full of sarcasm, wit, and snark. Minor Characters: Bonnie Dustins Mom, thinks gods are forgetful. Clive Dustins Dad, a hard working farmer who enjoys the occasional massage. Bryn Dustins older sister. Very controling. Darcy Dustins younger sister. Bit of a priss... Screenshots The Death Realm Outside of Daucus Credits Me! And probably many more people as this progresses...
  18. Agh! Sorry to all for not updating more. School can be so overwhelming... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thais Castle Iya: UTHAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uthar: What do you need, pointy eared, blue hair dyed girl? Iya: We found RIP! Emma: Uthar is, like, hot! Wyst: Staw away, he's mine. Emma: Unofficially. Wyst: *sticks out tongue* Uthar: Who is this Rip? Ava: I be Rip! Uthar: Oh! The creepy, one eyed, purple haired, creepy person. I don't remeber you! Ean: Look, do you want us to go to the land of the Dead and find the squirrels that manage to appear in every Aveyond Game, except Ahrimans Prophecy, or not? Uthar: Wait- How did you know that? Ean: Walkthrough, duh! Nicholas: my bro is a n00b Uthar: Just do what the pointy ear boy said. Iya: FINE!!!! Rye: :sleep: Ava: Ahoy mateys! We should seek sleep in Ye Olde Inne! Emma: Like, touche. Rye: :S Iya: TO THE INN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE Inn Iya: *whispering to Ean and Rye* I think Emma is the Snow Queen. Ean: They both are very Valley Girlish. Rye: :offtopic:
  19. World Map Iya: I don't get it... Nicholas: wut??? Iya: Why when we are exploring an area, we are small, but when we are going from place to place, we are big... Nicholas: magic... Rye: :skunk: Ava: Now that ye have a ship, where do ye want to go? Ean: Thais. To talk to .... Uthar. Rip: Oh... Nicholas: y r we always talking 2 uthar about stuf, why not just figure it out rselves? Ean: Because I can't read. Iya: So thats why you kept getting held back in 1st grade! Ava: I am very confused. Iya: Yes you are, Ava, yes you are... Thais Castle Iya: Hey! Look! It's that Emma Lady! Ean: Who? Emma: Hey, like, guys! Can I, like, join you party? Iya: Yes, if you don't have a humpback whale with you. Emma: Like, YAY! Rye: :loving: :loving: :loving: Emma: Your, like, cute. Rye: :oops: Iya: TO UTHAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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